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lucky blackjackMost players will not find another game quite like Playtech’s Lucky Blackjack table game. It really does stand out from the other titles that you can play out there. You only need to take a look at how this game is played to realise that is can scarcely be called a blackjack title, in the true sense of the

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How to bet?

Lucky Blackjack contains pretty low table limits. Perhaps we should not be too concerned by that, though. This is after all, quite unlike any other blackjack game. Players can play Lucky Blackjack for a minimum stake of only 1.00 per game. At its most expensive, most Lucky Blackjack games won’t cost you any more than 5.00 per game.

How to play?

To place a bet, the player must choose one of seven possible options. The options include dealer hand totals of 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, bust and blackjack. With your bet placed, the dealer than receives their two cards, one face up and one face down. No cards are dealt to the player.

You have tried to bet on what the dealer will eventually end up with in their hand. If the dealer has less than 17, then they will keep hitting until they have at least 17. The dealer stands on all 17s. This game is only played with one deck.

Once the dealer’s hand is complete, the player’s bet is checked. If they have correctly predicted the dealer’s hand, then they will receive the respective pay-out. There are no insurance, doubling-down, surrender, or splitting options in this blackjack game.


If the player has correctly predicted the hand, they will pocket 5:1 for a dealer’s hand of 17, 6:1 for an 18, 6:1 for a 19, 4:1 for a 20 and 12:1 for a 21 (but not blackjack). If the dealer goes bust and the player has correctly predicted that, then they will still win 2:1. Should the dealer have blackjack and the player has bet on that, then they will scoop the highest winnings of 19:1.

Tips and Tricks

You really don’t have very high odds of success in Lucky Blackjack. This may very well be why the game gets its name. Yes, if you successfully predict the dealer’s hand, you are going to receive a nice pay-out. However, your chances of guessing it correctly aren’t very high. For this reason alone, many people tend to avoid playing Lucky Blackjack. Of course, if you consider yourself a lucky person, and you have ample resources, then why not give it a go?

Overall Experience & Final Thoughts

Many players don’t consider Lucky Blackjack to be a true game of blackjack. This is because it is definitively a game of chance, with the player unable to have any kind of impact on the outcome of the cards. Your success really will just come down to luck! In that regard, Lucky Blackjack is totally different from any other blackjack game, and one has to respect and admire the game for that!

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