Triple Bonus Spin Roulette

Triple Bonus Spin Roulette for Free & Our Bonuses

triple bonus spin rouletteTriple Bonus Spin is another one of IGT’s triple wheel roulette games. They seem to be the kings of multi wheeled roulette games. This one is slightly different from the others, in that it contains a bonus game, as hinted in its title. Many have called Triple Bonus Spin, the most advanced bonus roulette game currently offered online.

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How to bet?

Any Triple Bonus Spin roulette players will instantly notice that they have chip sizes of 1.00, 5.00, 25.00, 100.00, 500.00 and 1,000.00 at their disposal. Yes, the chip sizes are quite high in this game, making it rather unsuitable for low-rolling players. You can get away with placing only one bet in this game.

How to play?

Like all roulette games, the basic notion is to place a bet, than the ball is dropped into roulette wheel, and depending on where it lands you will either win, or won’t! It really is as simple as that. But, there’s much more to Triple Bonus Spin roulette than meets the eye.

Triple Bonus Spin Roulette contains three zeros, a zero, double zero and triple zero. Obviously, the player will win nothing if the ball lands in these pockets.

There is a slightly wider yellow band in this game, and when the ball lands in that, the player will get a free spin in the triple bonus round. A new roulette wheel will appear then, and there are three independent wheels. The ball may fall into the inner wheel pockets, and then the other two wheels will line up and offer 3x the normal pay-out in bonuses. Bonus bets include straights, splits, trios and quad bonus bets.


Triple Bonus Spin players can win even money (1:1) pay outs for red-black, high-low, and odd-even wins. They can scoop 2:1 wins for column or dozen bets, 5:1 for six-number bets, 8:1 for corner bets, 11:1 for trio bets, 17:1 for split bets and winnings of 35:1 for straight up bets, though those are quite hard to land. Bonus pay-outs could see players pocket up to an incredible 12,000:1 win for a straight bonus win, up to between 60:1 and 6,000:1 for a split bonus win, between 40:1 and 4,000:1 for a trio bonus win, and between 30:1 and 3,000:1 for a quad bonus win.

Tips and Tricks

If you really aren’t that keen on the whole bonus roulette game, then you can always opt to ignore it. Triple Bonus Spin Roulette works perfectly fine as a standalone European roulette game. Our advice would be to play the free play demo of Triple Bonus Spin Roulette first, to get an idea of how the bonus bets really work.

Overall Experience & Final Thoughts

The bonus rounds in this game are quite clever, as you don’t really need to wager anything extra to enjoy them. The setup can be quite complicated if you let yourself get easily flustered by it. But, just treat it like a standard European roulette game, and you’ll soon work out what everything does, and what is the best way for you to bet.

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