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Slots have become the most popular gambling game both online and in brick and mortar casinos. The speed of the game and the lack of skill are the primary factors that make it a game of choice among casual gamblers. They are the biggest grosser in Las Vegas. While video poker machines are considered to be slots in Las Vegas, online casinos do not consider them to be included in the same genre.

The object of the game is to deposit your coins or credits and then start spinning to get a winning combination of numbers or symbols. To jump straight in, check out our recommended sites listed below.

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Types of Machines

Not all machines are the same so it’s important to read the payout schedule in the front. One of the first things to look for is the amount of money each slot requires you to play with. Each slot can have a range of 1c to $10 per spin, so it’s important to pick a slot game in your limit. There are some machines that are different as well and they are described below:

The Multiplier Slot – This machine has a payout for symbols and the amount of coins played. The machine will let you play for a maximum or minimum bet. Let’s say you are playing a $1 slot machine. You have the option to bet once or three times on one spin. The payout is much larger for a wager of $3 then it is for $1 so you have the option to multiply your bet for a bigger win.

The Bonus Multiplier – This is a machine that is exactly like a Multiplier Slot but also pays a bonus for maximum play. Three 7’s may pay 1,000 for one coin, 2,000 for two coins and 10,000 for maximum coins. It’s up to you to determine if it’s worth playing the extra coin or not.

Multiple Pay line Slot Machine – Many of the slot games out there are like this type of game. It is a slot machine that offers a payout on more than one line of the screen. You can bet on the top, middle and bottom line by placing three credits in. If you place 2 you will only get the top two lines. Some machines have 15 lines that you can bet on which makes winning much higher but riskier.

Buy a Pay Machine – This is a slot game where each coin activates a different pay out. You need the maximum coins to receive the largest jackpot. An example of this game is Sizzling 7’s. Just make sure that you are playing the maximum at all times as you will not win a thing otherwise.

Progressive Slot Machines – These are slot machines that can be any of the above but the difference is that they take a certain percentage of the money played and pool it for a huge jack pot. Some examples of these games include Megabucks and Quarter Mania. Some casinos will link together or link certain machines for these big jackpots. You must make sure that you are playing the maximum as if you hit the jackpot then you will not get the amount but rather a smaller percentage. Some progressives range into the millions, you can find some of the biggest online casino jackpots at

So if you thought all the slots were the same then you now know that it’s a bit more complicated than once thought. You can play these games online for free at any of our recommended slot sites. Right now you can get some amazing sign up bonuses to play at many brands like Slots Oasis. Good Luck! Below we will give you some help on playing the game of slots.

3D Slots – the new era of online gaming, that’s for sure. These slots are simply stunning in regards to graphics and overall gaming experience that you can gain from playing them. Best of all, some of the the greatest 3d slot machines are created by BetSoft Gaming, who empower casinos like Guts

Slot Tips

Below we have listed some tips on maximizing your slot game.

Use Your Players Card – One of the tips that I can recommend is that you use your player’s card at your favourite casino. Players can get points for the amount of play that they do and they can get incentives for food, hotels and shows at the casino. If you are playing online slots you should sign up to the VIP program where the casino gives away free cash for more play. Some players believe that the card affects how the machine plays but this is not true and it is a totally random game.

Progressives and Maximum Coins – If you are playing progressive slots machines then it’s a good idea to play the maximum amount of coins for that game. There is nothing worse than hitting the jack pot and not have played the full amount to get the full pay out.

Reading The Pay Tables – Each slot game has different payout tables and it is a good idea to read them. If a machine has many combinations that return a smaller payout then you will have a higher win frequency the other games.

Money Management – Never bring money to the casino that you need for other expenses. If you can afford to play then walk away.

Slot Schemes – Anyone claiming they know how to beat a slot machine is not telling you the truth. Unless that person has rigged a machine then it’s impossible to have an up on the game. Stay away from anyone selling books or gimmicks on how to beat the slots.

Time Maximization – You don’t need to play so fast when playing slots. Enjoy the game by playing a bit slower and maximizing you’re playing time.

Have Fun – Slots playing no matter if you win or lose is very fun and exciting. Just make sure you are managing your bankroll and don’t over spend what you can’t afford to.

What is the Payback on Internet Slots?

There is a distinct advantage to playing online over in a live casino. The online version pays players a higher return on each spin. Online casinos are able to offer games with half the house advantage because they are not required to pay dealers, techs, attendants or the overhead of operating an expensive casino.

Most online video and reel games payback about 95% to players. Some operators will even disclose the exact amount in the game’s help file. You will not find that in any brick and mortar gaming establishment. Most slots in casinos pay back around 90% to players. Most jurisdictions require that games pay back at least 80% in returns. UK fruit machines pay as little as 70% with each spin. Fruit machine players would lose about six times faster on average than similar online versions. They also do not have the same large jackpot payouts.

Most of this payout is held in the jackpot and bonus features. These games are often referred to as “top heavy”. A player must hit the jackpot or have a profitable bonus feature. If they do not then they will go broke very fast. The game is extremely high variance. That is how there are so many big winners. Hundreds, if not thousands of players, likely went bust for every major jackpot winner announced.

Many online slot jackpots are networked with other operators that use the same software. A player that is gambling on Microgaming may be competing against players at other casinos, even if those players are logged into other brands. Examples of networked progressives include King Cash-a-Lot, Cash Splash and Mega Moolah.

Marvel Themed Slots

MarvelHeroes-600x600Marvel comic super-heroes are well known worldwide and have been featured in multiple big hit movies. They have also partnered up with PlayTech to create some truly extraordinary slot games. Thanks to a couple casinos, we are now able to provide you with games like Incredible Hulk 2, Iron Man 3, Wolverine, Thor and Fantastic Four for free play – with no registration or anything else required.

What’s also great about PlayTech’s marvel themed slots is their pooled progressive jackpot pool. All players who play any of the slots listed above contribute to a jackpot pool, which grows as high as $1,000,000+ and is awarded randomly, to any player playing these games.


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Gaminator Slots

slot-machines-gaminatorGaminator is a multi functional gambling machine that is popular at land based casinos, especially in countries like Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Slovakia. The games that you’ll be able to play include the finest slot machines from Novomatic, such as Book of Ra, Plenty on Twenty, Beetle Mania and Sizzling Hot. Looking to play these games online? Perfect, as we offer most of them for free-play right here at OCB!

Although Novomatic games aren’t as widespread as slots from MicroGaming, NetEnt or PlayTech, they do have a pretty big following. We’ve partnered up with several big online casinos and thus have the chance to offer these excited games completely free!

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The Bonuses

It is assumed that online games will pay back about 95% with each spin. A game with that payback would require a wager requirement of 20 times or lower for the bonus to return at least 100%. Most slot bonuses have a wager requirement of 30 to 40 times.

A 30 times wager requirement on a 95% machine would make a player theoretically lose 1.7% of their bets. If a player took a $100 bonus they would need to wager $3,000 to cashout. The 5% edge would cause a theoretical loss of $150. The $100 bonus would offset two-thirds of that loss. A player’s expected return would be -$50.

A 40 times wager requirement would require a player to wager $4,000 for every $100 in bonus claimed. A player clearing this bonus would lose $200 on a 95% return game. The bonus would offset half of that loss, meaning the expected return would be -$100, or 2.5%.

Slot bonus offers are difficult to compare. That is because paybacks may vary widely from one casino to the next. One platform may offer a 20 times bonus, while another offers a bonus with a 40 times wager requirement. At first glance it might appear that the 20 times bonus is better but that is not always the case. One would have to know the payback on the games they would be required to play to clear the bonus to know which bonus was better. A 20 times bonus on a 90% game has the same return as a 40 times bonus on a 95% game. If a player could not verify the payback on the 20 times game it is safe to say that it is lower as few casinos are going to offer a bonus that pays a player over 100% in returns. In fact, a safe assumption would be that the lower the wager requirement, the higher the house advantage is.

You should never play online slots without a bonus. If you bust before clearing the bonus then you should redeposit for it if you have less than 20 times in bonus to clear. In other words, if you accept a 40 times bonus and clear more than half of it you will receive an expected return of over 100% on your new deposit if the game pays back at least 95%. This assumes the bonus does not expire if you bust or redeposit. Make sure to check the terms and conditions to see if this is the case.

Every casino offers a deposit bonus for slots so once you clear a bonus or let it expire at one casino then you should move on to another brand with your next session. If you have found a game that you enjoy you will likely find it at another website using the same software. Most software companies offer the same games on all of their licensed brands so you can move from one to another and claim bonuses across an entire network’s platform.

My Final Thoughts

Slots are fun and this is especially true for players that do not wish to think or enjoy drinking while gambling. Otherwise, the paybacks are so low that I feel there is no reason to play them. Hundreds of players will lose their deposit every time a single winner is drawn by the random number generator. I have have more fun playing games that require skill, even if those games are excluded by a bonus. At the end of the day, my conscience is clean once the player understands the house-edge associated with slots. If they decide to play them then I assume it is for the entertainment with the added spice of hitting it large.