Oasis Poker

Oasis Poker

oasis pokerBoth IGT and NetEnt run the Oasis Poker Pro Series, which is a luxurious Caribbean Poker table that mixes in a new concept by adding some 5 Card Single Draw poker that many online players will be familiar with through playing online video slots.

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The rules of Caribbean Poker itself have always loosely followed the game of 5 Card Stud, and this is why in many online casinos and live casinos the game is referred to as Caribbean Stud Poker.

However, in the Oasis Poker version of the game, the option to draw for another card is available bringing together 2 poker styles; 5 Card Stud and 5 Card Draw, which are poker games of old that marked the beginning of the popularity of poker to which that popularity still remains today.

Oasis Poker changes the rules of the original Caribbean Poker tables because it allows players to discard cards, which in the original design of the game was not a feature. In effect, the rule allows players to draw, which means the player is now given the option, at an added cost, to select any of the 5 cards he/she has been dealt and swap them for new cards with the aim of improving the original hand.

If you are new to Caribbean Poker, then you should read both sections below. You firstly need to understand ‘The Rules of Caribbean Poker’, but if you are already an apt Caribbean Poker player, then you can skip to the section below titled ‘The Rules of Oasis Poker’. It is also worth brushing up on your poker hand values if you want to play this game.

The Rules of Caribbean Poker

To begin the game, the player must ante up to see the cards. Both the dealer and player are then dealt 5 cards each. The dealer will be dealt 1 of his/her 5 cards face up; while all 5 of the player’s cards will be placed face up.

Call or Fold

Now, the player can assess his/her hand and decide whether or not to call or fold. By calling, an amount that is double is the ante needs to be placed in the call box on the Caribbean Poker table.

Fold: Ante is Lost

Should the player feel his/her hand is not strong enough to challenge the dealer, then the hand is folded and the ante bet is lost to the dealer/house.

Call: The Showdown

If the player calls, then double the sum of the ante is placed in the ‘call’ area. For instance, if you placed an ‘Ante’ of $1 and a ‘Call’ is $2, your total bet is $3 on the hand.

After the player calls there is a showdown, so the dealer will then reveal the 4 face down cards. Both hands are compared.

  • If the player wins, then the pay-back is even odds on the ante and call bet. Using the above example, the win would be $6; therefore, the player makes a $3 profit for winning the hand; however, if you read the ‘Pay Outs’ section below, you will see there is a chance to win more cash with higher valued poker hands.
  • On the other hand, if the player loses, then both the ‘ante’ and ‘call’ bets are won by the dealer.
  • The third outcome is when the dealer’s hand does not qualify as per the section below titled ‘The Dealer’s Qualifying Hand

The Dealer’s Qualifying Hand

There is also a stipulated hand value that dealer must have to qualify. Usually this is an Ace and King or higher, which means the dealer must have an Ace and a King in the dealer hand.

Although you should note that different variations of qualifying hands are out there, and it is totally down to the designer or casino how the dealer’s qualifying hand is stipulated. Should the dealer not qualify, the players ‘Call’ bet is pushed (returned to the player) and the ‘Ante’ will be paid back at even odds (doubled).

The Rules of Oasis Poker

Oasis Poker begins with the player placing an ‘Ante’ to get the cards flying. Both the dealer and player will be dealt 5 cards. The dealer will have 4 face down cards and 1 face up card; while the player will have all 5 cards face up.

‘At this stage of the game, the player has the choice to draw, call or fold’.

The Option to Draw

Where Oasis Poker differs to the standard game of Caribbean Poker is that it has an option to lay down another bet in order to draw (swap cards). Each card the player selects to swap for a new card in this draw phase will cost the player the equivalent of the ante.

For example, if you have made a $1 ante and want to swap 2 cards, each of those 2 cards will cost another $1 each. This would come to a total of $2 extra. Once the new cards have come, the player can choose to either ‘call’ or ‘fold

Also make a note that the additional $1 bets are not paid back and have no bearing on the payouts if the player wins at the showdown stage of the game.

Fold: Ante is Lost

As with the normal game of Caribbean Poker explained above, a fold would mean the ‘Ante’ is returned to the dealer/house and the hand is over.

Call: The Showdown

The showdown on Oasis Poker plays out in exactly the same way as the showdown in Caribbean Poker. Read the section above titled Call: The Showdown and The Dealer’s Qualifying Hand.

The Pay Table

‘Ante’ bets are always paid back at even odds, but if you land a higher poker hand, the return on your ‘Call’ bet can be increased.

  • High Card/Pair = 1:1
  • Two Pair = 2:1
  • Three of a Kind = 3:1
  • Straight = 4:1
  • Flush = 5:1
  • Full House = 7:1
  • Four of a Kind = 20:1
  • Straight Flush = 50:1
  • Royal Flush = 100:1