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3 wheel rouletteWith so many online table game variants out there, developers need to get ever more original in order to beat the competition. That is exactly what IGT has done with their Three Wheel Roulette game.  They have in essence, made the thrill of roulette, three times stronger. This graphically superior table game has a really cool feature, that you’ll be hard pressed to find in other table games.

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How to bet?

Three Wheel Roulette requires bets to be placed just like any other roulette game. You’ll have chips worth 1.00, 5.00, 25.00, 100.00 and 500.00 at your disposal. Players are required to place bets on each of the three wheels, though. But they do get much better chances of winning in return.

How to play?

Once the bet has been placed, the roulette wheel will spin, and the ball will eventually land in one of the many pockets on the wheel. The game itself is played rather similarly to European roulette. If the ball lands in a pocket that the player has bet on, they will win. If it doesn’t, they will lose.

There are 36 paying spots on each wheel in the game, and one zero spot on each wheel. If the player lands the ball in any of the zero spots, they will win nothing. All of the standard European roulette bets can be played in the game, as well as a bonus bet.

Known as the Colour Up Bonus, if the player chooses to place this side-bet, they will land wins for three zeros, three of the same numbers, two zeros and a straight (three consecutive numbers). Players can also pocket a win for matching a colour.


Players can win 2:1 for a column bet or dozen bet, 1:1 for a high or low bet, red or black bet or even and odd bet. Two-row bet wins will pay out at 5:1, there are pay-outs of 8:1 for corner bets, 11:1 for one-row bets, 17:1 for split bets and 35:1 for straight bets. When it comes to the side-bet bonus pay-outs, players can land wins of 1,200:1 for three zeroes, 100:1 for three of the same numbers, 25:1 for two zeros and a straight, 5:1 for a pair, and 2:1 for a colour bonus win.

Tips and Tricks

Although the format and gaming structure of 3 Wheel Roulette is quite different from other roulette games that you may be used to; 3 Wheel Roulette can be played using basic European roulette strategy, to great effect.

Overall Experience & Final Thoughts

3 Wheel Roulette is both complicated and simple to play, if that makes sense to you. The basic game is just standard European roulette, so players shouldn’t have any real difficulty working this one out. However, the side-bet bonus can be tricky, and it is certainly going to take players some time in order to figure out exactly how the three wheels work, and what bets are the most beneficial to make when playing.

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