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One of the most promising areas for the expansion of online gambling is in their adaptation to the smart phone and app craze. Top sites offer new options for players, allowing you to play with a new level of convenience never before dreamed of. Below we mention or recommendations on sites that allow are compatible with portable devices. This list consists of all safe and secure operators tested by the OCB team.

Note that these are real money apps. iTunes or Google

Play Store does not allow real money gambling apps – I wouldn’t bother with any of them either. It would make more sense to register a free play account with a casino and decide to play for real money later if you wish to do so. To add to this, the apps developed by professional operators are superior to any thing in the various app stores, by a long stretch.

Smartphone users can be confident that the mobile sites listed on this page are suitable for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, WAP, Windows Phone and all other popular devices. For specific compatibility queries, please check the individual operators websites’. It is more or less coming to a stage in app development where all smartphones are covered – by the big industry players anyway.

What Exactly is a Mobile Friendly Casino?

This is a casino that’s designed to be accessed from a smartphone phone, such as an Android or an iPhone. Other devices, like iPads or the newly released Amazon Kindle Fire are also capable of accessing this new world of remote gambling . Typically, these mobile platforms feature simplified graphics and only games that are realistically playable, thus keeping download times low and using a minimal amount of bandwidth. To be honest, there are very few traditional games that are unavailable, although all variations may be available.

Gambling On Your Mobile

Gambling on your smartphone is just as easy as playing on your desktop. In the past and maybe in some rarer cases today it was easiest to open an account through a casino’s website or standard casino software first whilst on your desktop, and then make your first deposit through their online payment system using the deposit method of your choice. With the higher demands for smartphone compatible websites, and better smartphone browsing, just go ahead and visit the selected site on your handset and it will usually detect your device and operating system – therefore tailoring what you see specific to your device.

Can I Still Get My Bonus?

Yes, users are eligible for the same bonuses that are given to all players. For instance, at, you can get a 100% matching bonus of up to $200 on your first deposit. You may then use this money to play any of AllSlot’s games — both in their browser-based software, and in the smartphone software. The only thing that is different is the medium through which you are playing.

US Mobile casino site offers players to a 100% up to $1000 sign up bonus. To claim this bonus, simple follow the link to Slotland, create an account and make a deposit.

Best Options For iPhone

Almost all operators that have smartphone options, such as those at All Slots Mobile and 32Red, can be accessed through any modern iPhone model. In addition, some of these gaming giants have actually designed special mobile sites that are designed just for iPhone users.

One great example is the 32Red iPhone Casino. This features a high-tech iPhone app that has relatively extensive graphics and a good game selection that includes blackjack, roulette, and two different slot machines. This is definitely one of the most advanced gambling apps today, and iPhone users would do well to check it out.

iPad Works like all Apples Products

As the most popular tablet on the market, the iPad has been a popular target for app developers. Given that the iPad shares a lot of the same technology as Apple’s iPhones, it probably won’t come as a surprise that just about any site that’s available through the iPhone can also be accessed on the iPad. Both Wild Jacks and 32Red can be played through an iPad.

What About The Business Man On The Blackberry?

The Blackberry is still a popular mobile option in the world of business, and was one of the first mobile devices that smartphone apps were created for. Most sites that went the mobile route have been developed to have compatibility with almost every Blackberry model released in the last few years.

Best Android Casinos

While the Android is the newer player in the mobile market when compared to Apple products or the Blackberry, these phones have quickly gained a large segment of the mobile market. With that in mind, most sites with a mobile option have made an effort to quickly add compatibility for Android phones. There are two ways in which you will play on your android – through a dedicated app or on a specially designed android site. A good comparison is the YouTube app versus the Android version of the YouTube site. While both are different from a software point of view, they do the same thing from a functional point of view.

Installing Non Marketplace Apps
Android users will have to change settings to allow them to download non-marketplace apps. Simply go to Settings > Applications and the tick the box that says Allow Installation of Non Market Applications. See the Image below.

All Non Market Place Apps
Is Playing On Your Mobile Safe?

Essentially yes, most of the same safety and security features that are integrated into all online casino software is used in smartphone apps. This includes state-of-the-art encryption methods for all of your deposits and withdrawals, as well as when you use your login and password to enter your player account.

As for the games themselves – they operate on the same principles as the traditional software on your desktop. This means that the results are determined by multi-layered random number generators that are designed to produce fair and accurate results, mirroring the experience of playing those games in a live casino. These games fall under the same regulations as the standard software, meaning they’re just as secure and fair as the games in downloadable or browser-based software options.

One should take caution while playing on an open WiFi network. This page explains better than we could about the possible threats. Don’t be frightened, you are okay to play on a password secured WiFi network or on your mobile operators 3G mobile data (which is encrypted).

Playing On the Move in the USA

Smartphone casino apps are relatively uncommon in the US market at the moment. This isn’t because companies aren’t interested in providing mobile games to Americans; instead, restrictions on online gambling companies and banks have led to many companies pulling out of the USA market entirely.

This has left only a relatively small number of sites available to American players, and even fewer of these have developed for mobile at this date. One of the most popular of the USA-friendly sites that does have a mobile casino is Lucky for you guys, we are happy to recommend them and they have a great support team.