Marvel Themed Casino Games

Many of the top online casino software developers like to attach themselves to well-known brands. This furthers the likelihood that players are going to find their titles appealing. One of the best partnerships between online casino developers and major franchises is that between Playtech and Marvel. Cryptologic are also renowned for their range of Marvel themed casino games, too. But what exactly does this partnership entail, and what does this allow their games to bring to the table?

What are Marvel themed casino games?

Only Playtech and Cryptologic provide games that are based on Marvel titles, with the vast majority of the more popular ones being Playtech designed games. Now whilst you are probably familiar with Cryptologic and Playtech as leading online casino software developers, who are Marvel? Marvel are a brand that are responsible for some of the most loved comic book heroes of all time. The X-Men, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Iron Man are all creations of this mighty brand. So is the Marvel Roulette – a relatively recent addition!

fantastic four slot from playtech Fantastic Four
thor slotThor
The Incredible Hulk
Iron Man 3
Captain America
Ghost Rider slotGhost Rider
Daredevil slot gameDaredevil
elektra slot gameElektra
spiderman slot gameThe Spider Man
the avengers slot machine game> The Avengers
x-men slotX-Men

Marvel themed casino games are titles developed by those two software companies, which contain themes based on those superheroes. More often than not, these are online slot machine games, and progressive jackpot ones at that; although, sometimes, instant win games and even roulette titles have been developed by these brands, under the Marvel banner.

Slots, scratch cards and more

Marvel themed casino games are titles developed by those two software companies, which contain themes based on those superheroes. More often than not, these are online slot machine games, and progressive jackpot ones at that; although, sometimes, instant win games and even roulette titles have been developed by these brands, under the Marvel banner.

Where To Play Marvel Jackpot Slots?

You can do this at all online casinos powered by PlayTech software. Although there also are Marvel slots developed by Cryptologic, PlayTech ones are way superior, hence I would suggest playing these instead. Here are the top 3 casinos I would suggest joining and playing at.

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The Marvel Progressive Jackpot Network

Most of Playtech and Cryptologic’s Marvel themed casino games are progressive jackpot slots. In the case of Playtech, each Marvel themed slot has four progressive jackpots that can be won. These jackpots come in different sizes, based on how much the player wishes to bet. In order of the least valuable, they are the Power Jackpot, Extra Power Jackpot, Super Power Jackpot and Ultimate Power Jackpot. For example, if you were to wager a small stake (such as £1 per spin), you’d stand the best chance of winning the Power Jackpot. However, if you were to stake £150 or more per spin, you’d have a good shot at the Ultimate Power Jackpot. The truth be told, though, you could potentially win any progressive jackpot, with any wager.

Together, all four of these jackpots are known as the Marvel Progressive Jackpot Network. Now here is the critical thing. There aren’t four separate jackpots for each Marvel themed casino game. There are four jackpots in total, which are available to win in any game on the Marvel Progressive Jackpot Network. For instance, a gamer playing The Incredible Hulk could win the Ultimate Power progressive jackpot, and when they do so, gamers playing other slots (such as Iron Man 2), would no longer be able to win that amount. Instead, the jackpot would revert to its base minimum. It’s tricky to understand, but the easiest way is to just think: four jackpots, spread amongst all of the games!

How to win a Playtech Marvel slot’s progressive

The Playtech Marvel themed casino games with progressive jackpots are magical. The reason for this is because the progressives can be won at random. At any point during gameplay, whether it is a winning spin, or a losing one, the progressive jackpot bonus round may be randomly triggered.

When it is, players will be taken to a second screen. On this screen are 20 boxes. Behind these boxes are the four progressive jackpots. The player will have a specific amount of time to click on the boxes to reveal icons behind them. The first three progressive icons that the player matches, will result in them winning that jackpot. So, if a player lands three of the Super Power Jackpot icons, they will win that jackpot. That is all there is to it, really! It is worth noting that whilst the jackpots are randomly awarded; the more you wager per spin, the more likely you are to trigger the progressive jackpot bonus round.

Betting on Marvel slots

Betting differs greatly depending on which Marvel themed casino game you play. For instance, wagering on Playtech or Cryptologic’s Marvel themed slots can see wagers range from 0.01 per line, per spin; up to £250 per spin, or more.

However, wagering on their instant win games or roulette titles can see wagers fluctuate from 50p per game, to higher sums. Generally, it is safe to say that you can always wager more on the Marvel themed slots, than on other Marvel themed casino games.

Marvel slot special features

Sometimes, Playtech likes to have two versions of a popular Marvel themed slot. For instance, their Incredible Hulk slot offers both a 25 line version, and a 50 line version, though aside from that and the wagers, there is little difference between the two.

Most of the Marvel themed slots from both Playtech and Cryptologic contain special features, such as wilds, scatters and a free spins round. Each of Playtech’s Marvel themed progressive jackpot slots tries to be quite different from the others, although understandably, there are similarities between some titles. For instance, they have three Iron Man slots. The first offers wild combinations, whilst the second features stacked symbols, and the third offers re-spins.

The most popular Marvel Casino Games

Some of the Marvel themed casino games have proven to be far more popular than others. In the next section, we will take a brief look at some of those games, to see exactly what you can play, should you find these games in your online casino.

The Iron Man series

The Iron Man series has seen its games become some of the most popular of Playtech’s Marvel progressive jackpot slots. The first slot is simply called Iron Man, and features free spins and a special wild combination system, which can see players pick up big wins for using two different sets of wilds.

Iron Man 2 is available in three formats. There is a 25 payline video slot, a 50 payline video slot, and a scratch card. The two slots are identical, save for the number of paylines that they offer. In the Iron Man 2 slot, most of the icons are stacked, and players can win big money with increasing multipliers in the free spins bonus. The Iron Man 2 scratch card is quite simple. If players match three reactors in a row, a column or diagonally, they will win whatever prize is assigned in the box above the window.

Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin

Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin is a Playtech designed Marvel themed slot, and it contains more special features than most players have ever seen in a slot. By landing three “spidery” icons on the reels, players can spin a dial to see which special feature they will land. They are in the shape of comic books, and there are so many to choose from! Another cool feature of this slot is its randomly triggered features, which can add wins to your balance without you even doing anything.


Both Playtech and Cryptologic have created Wolverine themed video slots. Both of these are based on the comic book Wolverine, not the movie version, unlike many of the other Marvel slots. Playtech’s Wolverine contains stacked wilds, free games and a Berserker Rage feature which offers re-spins. Cryptologic’s Wolverine slot is far simpler, with three progressive jackpots and a Wolverine vs. Sabretooth special bonus, where the player can choose fighting attack to defeat their opponent.

Thor: The Mighty Avenger

This is one of Playtech’s newest Marvel themed casino games, and it is available as both a slot and an instant win scratch card game. The scratch card game doesn’t really need any explanation as it is self-explanatory. The slot contains the usual four progressive jackpots, as well as a superb free spins bonus. This bonus game takes you across three worlds, where free spins can be somewhat unlimited (until an icon appears to terminate the bonus). Just because one bonus round has ended, doesn’t mean that you won’t get to play another one! Thor does tend to be something of a high-variance slot, though.

The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, X-Men and The Avengers

All four of these Playtech games have both scratch card and slot versions for you to play. To be honest, the scratch card games are quite similar, as are the slots. Generally speaking, most of these Marvel themed casino games are identical to one another, save for the paint job that they receive. That doesn’t make them any less enjoyable though, as they all contain progressive jackpots, free spin features, and wilds.

Blade and Electra

Now these two Playtech developed games are special. These haven’t really been based on the movies, but rather the comic book heroes themselves. They are also two of the earliest Marvel themed casino games. Both feature somewhat cheap 3D graphics, and have the bare minimum when it comes to special features. Both Electra and Blade are also available as scratch cards, as well as slots.

They tend to be less popular than other Marvel themed casino games, but that could be because the two superheroes that feature in them are not as popular as others. It is just a theory, though. Players who are seeking to play a Playtech powered, Marvel themed casino game, but one that isn’t bombarded with regular players around the clock, might do well to try either Blade or Electra.

Blade is also available as a Cryptologic video slot, though it is little different from the Playtech game.

Captain America and Daredevil

Finally, these two Marvel themed casino games are Cryptologic designed video slots, although Playtech has a Captain America slot, too. Cryptologic’s game is ideal for high-rollers, as the wagering range is huge, though special features are limited. Daredevil is only a 9-payline video slot, although it is progressive. It contains wilds, scatter, and a bonus round, though don’t expect any free spins. The graphics in Daredevil don’t really the Marvel themed casino games genre justice.

All Casinos Offering Marvel Slots

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