Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition for Free & Our Bonuses

newar roulettePremier Roulette Diamond Edition is a very fancy roulette game, which has been designed and developed by Microgaming. This game contains a lay-out quite different to their other online roulette games, and offers absolutely superb quality graphics as well as plenty of on-screen information.

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How to bet?

Players have chips worth 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00, 20.00, 50.00, 100.00, 200.00, 500.00, and 1,000.00 to play with. In that regard, it has one of the broadest wagering ranges of any roulette game and one that will surely please both high-rollers and low-roller alike. Players must place their bets on the betting board, as they would in a real-roulette game.

How to play?

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is a European roulette game, and so there is only one zero spot on the reels. Once the bets have been made, the reel will start spinning and the ball dropped into it. Where the ball lands will determine the fate of the player’s bet.

If it lands in the zero pocket, the player will lose their bet. Should it land in a numbered or coloured pocket that corresponds to the players bet, then they will win a pay-out from the roulette pay-table. If it lands in a pocket that is no way correlates to the players bet, then they will lose their bet.


The pay-outs for roulette wins in Premier Roulette Diamond Edition are the same as those for virtually all standard online roulette games. Players can pocket 1:1 wins for outside bets such as odds, evens, reds and backs, as well as the 1 to 18 and 19 to 36 bets. Column and dozen bets are worth 2:1 pay-outs, whilst players can win 5:1 on all line bets. Corner bets are worth winnings of 8:1 and players can rack up winnings of 11:1 for street bets. 17:1 odds are paid out for all split bets and if a player lands a straight bet then they will win at a rate of 35:1.

Tips and Tricks

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is equipped with a large number of on-screen windows, which can help the player in the betting process. The statistics box shows players a host of information about previous roulette spins, as well as the probability of success of each bet that they can make in this roulette game. Below that is the table window. This allows players to adjust the colour of their table. It doesn’t do much, but it is nice for aesthetics. On the left-hand side of the screen is the history box, which shows the results of all previous roulette games.

Overall Experience & Final Thoughts

There is something flash and sparkly about Premier Roulette Diamond Edition. The fact that players who wish to place low bets and those who wish to make high bets can both play it, makes the game universally appealing. Some of the options it includes offer you nothing more than the ability to tinker with customisable things to your own preferences, but the game itself (the most interesting part to all players) is rather solid.

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