Let It Ride

Let It Ride Guide

In 1993 Let it Ride Poker was created by Shuffle Incorporated now owned by BallyTech.com Because of its high payouts, this game has become a very popular game with online and land based casinos.

The game is similar to Five Card Stud. Unlike other house games, there is no house hand to compete against. The player is paid based solely on the value of their hand. A player makes three equal sized wagers and is dealt three cards. The dealer places two cards in the center that are used by all players. A player may then decide to pull one bet back or call. One of the two cards is shown and the player may pull the second bet back or call. The second community card is then exposed and the player’s hand is exposed and paid based on its value. A player with a pair of tens or better will get paid.

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Getting Started With Let it Ride

The Table

When you approach the table for Let It Ride you will see that there are three betting circles in front of each seat. They are usually marked 1, 2 and $. The dealer will be sitting across from you and they will have two squares in front of them where they will place the cards. The dealer will dole out the cards from left to right with everyone getting two cards. There is also a progressive circle that lights up after you place a bet on it. You don’t have to bet here but if your hand ends up being a winning hand you get paid out on that bet as well.

Let It Ride Betting

Before the cards are dealt, everyone must place a wager on all three of the betting circles. The bets have to be higher than the minimum of the table and have to be equal in value. If the minimum was $5 then you could have three $5 bets on each circle. This does not mean you are going to lose all bets, you have the option of pulling two of your bets back if you don’t have a hand.

The game starts after all bets are placed and the dealer will then deal three cards to each participants and will deal themselves two community cards face down. You can now look at your cards and decide pull back a bet or let it ride. If you have a pair of tens or higher, you can let the hand ride and be paid out on all three bets. (Betting pay offs below). The dealer will then release the first community card. If we do not have a hand, we have the option of pulling back another bet from the 2 circle or let it ride.

Players can keep all bets on the table even if they don’t have a hand and think they might get one after the dealer turns over the last card. This is a risky play but can pay off if you think you can make a hand or not.

The Payouts

Below is a list of poker hands and the amounts you will be paid on each of your remaining bets on the table.

* Pair of 10’s or Better – Pays out 1:1
* Two Pair – Pays out 2:1
* Three of A Kind – Pays out 3:1
* Straight – Pays out 5:1
* Flush – Pays out 8:1
* Full House – Pays out 11:1
* Four of A Kind – Pays out 50:1
* Straight Flush – Pays out 200:1
* Royal Flush – Pays out 1000:1

The reason why this game is so fun is because you can get a hand right away and let all you three bets ride, and hope it increases.

Optimal Strategy

Anyone that is starting to play the game and technically everyone else should use a conservative strategy when playing Let It Ride. It’s recommended that you should pull back a bet once you don’t have any legitimate poker hand. This ensures that you will only lose the minimum amount with a bad hand. It is hard to predict what cards are going to come up so it’s better to play conservative.

Let it Ride Variations

This game may also be dealt in variations due to trademark laws. The game may take on a different name such as Let ’em Ride or there may be some slight rule variations. Instead of posting three equal wagers some online casinos will have you place one wager. We may then raise after seeing their first three cards and then have the option of raising again after seeing the first community card. This makes us return exactly the same as the standard game where we pull bets back with one exception. It is important that we have enough chips to cover both of the potential raises. If we fail to do this will miss out on value when we are dealt a pair of tens of better from the start or a great drawing hand.

Sign Up Bonuses

Let it Ride and its variations are typically not excluded from online casino bonus offers. The only exception is when a bonus is strictly a slots bonus. This is due to the high house edge and variance that the game has. The game by itself has a 3.5% house edge before taking into account side bets such as Pair Plus and Five Card Hand. I feel that these bets should be avoided unless you would make these wagers anyway hoping for the big score.

Make sure to check the casino bonus terms and conditions before playing to ensure your game is not restricted. The game may be excluded from an all slots bonus. It may also only be allowed for a percentage of the bonus. If that is the case, you should consider avoiding this bonus unless you would otherwise play slots or keno.

VIP Comps
Online casinos will comp players for playing this casino poker. In addition to the .1-.2% cash back, players can expect no deposit bonuses, bounce backs and great offers from playing this high variance game.

Video Let it Ride Is My House Game of Choice

I live in Las Vegas and I admit that my guilty pleasure is video Let it Ride. I do not play the table game version though. Partly because it is almost extinct in Las Vegas as it has been replaced by Ultimate Texas Hold’em. I prefer to play on Game Maker machines. These can only be found in Fremont, Palace Station and New York New York. I enjoy the speed of these games as well as the comps that are earned while playing the video version. I also used to play the Shuffle Master video version at Riviera, LVH and in Deadwood, South Dakota. Unfortunately, the Shuffle Master machine in video form is extinct.