Bitcoin Casino Guide, Bonus Deals, Best Sites & More

Bitcoin came to be in 2008 and has taken the world of gambling by storm just as it took to the whole world as a new mode of payment. Bitcoin as with other crypto currencies has become a great solution for online gambling for its reliability, anonymity and popularity among casino players.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is an only alternative of money. In bitcoin, there is the payment network and the unit of currency itself. The payment network is represented by capital “B” Bitcoin and the currency by lowercase “bitcoin”. The payment network and the currency are decentralized which means that they are not created or controlled by a central body as it is with traditional currency.

With bitcoin, the payments are recorded in a public ledger. Bitcoin is created as a reward for the payment processing work where the users offer their computing abilities to verify and record their payments. Both individuals and companies engage in exchange of the currency which is known as mining. They do this to exchange fees and newly created bitcoins. On the other hand, bitcoins can be exchanged for flat money, products and services.

The public domain where all bitcoin transactions are recorded is known as a block chain. This is updated about 6 times per hour. A block is a group of accepted transactions and is published to all network nodes. This works well in making sure that there are detailed records in the amount of bitcoins spent; thus preventing double spends in peer to peer environments without any central authorities.

Best BitCoin Casinos

Jackpot Casino Paradise View & Bonus#1. Casino appears to currently lead the industry in every aspect, from games to bonus offers and customer support. JackpotParadise offers a chance to play Microgaming slots as well as as many other slot machines using Neteller Bitcoins. One can deposit using Neteller cause Neteller now takes bitcoins.

There’s also a live dealer casino, with BlackJack, Roulette, Baccarat and Lottery offered. The dealers are very attractive and the video streaming is of pretty great quality. Overall, I’m really pleased with the offerings of games from mBit, that’s for sure.

There’s also a bonus that you get on your first deposit, of up to $£€200. You get the bonus automatically when you deposit the first time.



vegas paradise best bitcoin casino#2. Casino is also an extraordinary BitCoin gambling site that actually offers way more than just pure casino games. Additional offerings include live dealer casino with poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and lottery games. Though, there’s also a great mobile and tablet casino with many events and monthly bonus promotion.

Casino games wise, offerings from VegasParadise are exactly the same as the ones from above and the same can be said about bonuses. New players can claim up to $€£ 200 free! You can use Neteller to deposit using Bitcoin

What I love about VegasParadise is their casino is simply one of the best online, and they have tons of bonuses each week.




Where can I find Bitcoin?

As an online casino punter, there are plenty of sites where you could use bitcoin as a method of payment. There are casinos, bookmarkers and lottery sites which support bitcoin. Before you join them, though, you will need to purchase bitcoins, which can be done in these globally trusted marketplaces:

Plenty of casinos will allow you to play with bitcoin as a payment option. You will have plenty of choices to make in terms of the games you play. Considering that you have plenty of games to play, you will love how you wager with your currency of choice: bitcoin.

You will come across plenty of sportsbooks that will accept bitcoin as a preferred mode of payment. This makes it easy for you to bet on your favourite game, as well as, use a payment method you use anonymously, easily and conveniently.

The good thing with bitcoin is that you can easily access it, there are plenty of bitcoin wallets that make it quick and easy to get hold of bitcoins to fulfil your gambling needs.

How to use Bitcoin for Gambling?

You might be wondering whether bitcoin gambling is legal. This is a payment system that is popular all over the globe and is free to use. It is used by individuals and companies. The fact that betting and casino sites make use of virtual currencies does not make the exercise illegal. Bitcoin rules are similar to those of other online casinos. Placing wagers using bitcoin should not be treated different as placing wagers using USD or any other known currency.

Bitcoin is considered to be more of a commodity rather than a currency, this being the case, it does not violate any federal government laws when it comes to online gambling. Bitcoin is acquired as a code which is stored in a personal computer and not in any bank account of national reserve.

The transactions with bitcoin are to love as they are instantaneous between its users. It allows users to be completely anonymous. This makes it impossible for one to track on anyone who sends or receives the bitcoins. With such incredible features, it has made online gambling pretty easy for those in states that have prohibited online gambling.

This brings us to a solution for those who have problems with online gambling regulations in their states. One can make use of bitcoins and wager all the way.

On the other hand, you should learn that there are bitcoin gambling sites that will allow online gambling while others won’t. The prime factor here is that you should adhere to your country’s online gambling rules. You should follow the rules of your jurisdiction. If bitcoin gambling is prohibited in your jurisdiction; go on placing wagers at your own peril.

If you wish to use bitcoin in your transaction or in crediting to your online casino account, it would be pretty easy. You need to have a digital wallet which is easy to acquire as well. There are a couple of such wallets to choose from. When you send the money, you will be issued with an e-receipt for the deal. Each time a transaction is made, it will be recorded in the public ledger or the block chain.

When in a casino, all you need to do is make sure that the respective casino allows the use of bitcoin as a mode of payment. Choose the amount you wish to credit to your account and this will be done instantly.