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 Online Casino Bonus Codes

bonus-orangeCasino bonus codes, also known as coupon, promotional or voucher codes are often used as a marketing trick. They help casinos to generate more interest about a particular offer, since it requires player to dig deep and find a magical bonus code that will allow him to claim a particular exclusive offer.

On the other hand, there are times when casino codes can really be exclusive and open your way to new bonuses and promotions. This is exactly what I will concentrate my efforts on – connecting you with those offers that are more than just regular.

You are probably already aware of different bonus types by now, such as cashable and non cashable bonuses, no deposit offers or free spins. I will cover all of them along with a short description within this article, so don’t worry about it too much.

Top 3 Slots Bonuses

Do you know which is the most popular casino game in the world? It’s a slot machine! Of course, it isn’t a specific game, but rather a type of gambling I’m talking about here. Slots are by far the most played games in brick & mortar, online and mobile casinos.

Luckily, slot bonus codes are also available in bulk. The big single difference between bonuses is that they are two types of these – cashable and non-cashable. First of these, cashable ones, can be withdrawn after you have met the requirements, while the latter, non-cashable ones, can’t. If the offers above aren’t for you, check out our slots guide with hundreds of offers listed!

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Top 3 Deposit Match Offers

Lets start with the most common, casino signup bonuses for slots players. These will require you to make a real money deposit before they will be credited to your account. Find most popular bonus codes of this category below.

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No Deposit Offers

Looking to give real money casino play a try? No deposit bonus codes you will find below offer a chance to win money without actually risking your own funds. Is it really that easy? No, of course not, as there’s never free cheese for a mouse without a catch.

When claiming a no deposit casino bonus, you should instantly realize that online casinos are not throwing money away just like that. In order to turn those $10 or $50 into cash that you can spend in real life, it will take a pretty fortunate run in the games as well as tens if not hundreds of playing hours. Those who truly enjoy playing will not mind, but if you just want to get that occasional adrenaline from playing for real, this isn’t the best way to it.

Anyhow, below you will find various casino bonus codes that are more or less offered for slot machine players.

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Free Spins

It’s a little different with free spins, compared to no deposit bonus offers. These are often given after you make a deposit and work exactly like a regular bonus. Though, there are some exceptions when casinos offer free spin bonuses with no-deposit needed! You’ll find bonus codes and vouchers of both types right below. Check out our dedicated free spins page for even more offers!


If you’re a passionate player of BlackJack, you might be in constant search for bonuses and bonus codes giving a chance to improve your playing bankroll. Well, truth be told, it’s not easy, as the house edge in this game is quite small to begin with.

What you will often stumble into are non-cashable BlackJack bonus offers that are credited to your account with one main idea behind them – to improve the amount of funds you have for playing. When you fulfill wagering requirements, the initial bonus amount credit is taken away and you are free to withdraw any winnings + your original deposit.

Still interested in BlackJack bonus offers like this? Find various bonus codes and vouchers like this below. If none of these match your needs, visit our BlackJack Guide for additional offers.

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The situation with Roulette bonuses is very similar to BlackJack. House edge in this game varies between 1,5% to 5%, depending on whether you play French, European or American variation of this game. What I’m trying to say is that room for bonus offers and promotions here is quite limited.

Yet, there are several online casinos that do offer non-cashable Roulette bonuses. If that’s what you are looking for, check out bonus codes and vouchers I have gathered below. None of these are good enough? Check out our Roulette Guide for dozens of bonus offers and codes!

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Table Games

Interested in other bonus codes for games like Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Poker, Craps or Pai Gow Poker? Well, we also have some offers for these, but similarly to previous two games, these are almost always non-cashable bonus offers. Still interested? Find bonus codes and vouchers for casino table games below, including some sizeable bonuses!

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Video Poker

I really couldn’t stop talking about how small the house edge is in table games like BlackJack or Roulette, but I completely missed Video Poker. This is actually a game where your expectation versus a casino can be positive. Yep! If you happen to run into a progressive jackpot Jacks or Better video poker machine, give me a call! For now lets concentrate on Video Poker bonus codes and vouchers that can be seen below. If none of these are good enough, make sure to visit our dedicated Video Poker Guide with dozens of free games, bonus offers and codes.

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Live Dealer

Playing with real dealers, known as live dealer casinos, has gotten very popular in last couple of years. Technology has not been around for that long actually, about 5-6 years is what I recall, yet I suspect that it will turn into THE way to gamble online. Already now, live dealt games are available on iPhonesAndroids and iPads for playing on the go.

If you are looking to join a live dealer casino while banking a nice bonus look below. I have collected bonus codes and offers from all legitimate live casino sites in the industry. There even are a couple of no-deposit bonuses in there for those looking to give this a try. None of these are good enough? Visit our live casino section for even more offers and game reviews!

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Mobile Casinos

Playing from a mobile or portable device has grown even faster than the aforementioned live dealer concept. Everyone gets bored once in a while so what do people usually do? Well, I pull out my iPhone or tablet and start doing non-sense on it. This is exactly why mobile casinos have been such a success – instead of browsing Facebook, people can now play casino games for free or real money! If you are one of many looking to get started, take a look at mobile casino bonus codes and vouchers I have put together right below. Simply click on a voucher to claim it!

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Few Words On Wagering and Legit Casinos

Look out for rogue casinos that will try every angle in order to scam you.The ones we have listed on this page are solid, but I would still suggest checking out our blacklist. There will be casinos with small print on bonus terms, requirements that make no sense and much more. With hundreds of legitimate and safe online casinos out there, you really don’t need to choose every brand that offers you a bonus. Do some research or follow our advice and have fun playing!