21 Duel

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21 duel blackjack21 Duel Blackjack is a unique blackjack variant. It is also a multi-hand blackjack game. 21 Duel Blackjack allows players to combine one or two of their cards, with special community cards which feature in the centre of the table. This table game has been created by Playtech and is available at all top casino sites of theirs, such as Omni,  and FlyCasino among others.

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How to bet?

Players will have chip sizes of 0.50, 1.00, 5.00, 10.00, 25.00, 100.00 and 500.00 to play with in this blackjack game. To begin with, players must place an Ante bet in at least one of the betting circles on the table. They can wager on multiple hands if they wish. 21 Duel Blackjack has a minimum table limit of 1.00 per bet, and a maximum table limit of 500.00 per hand. With their amount staked, the player can hit the “deal” button.

How to play?

With the Ante bet placed, the player will receive two cards, as will the dealer, and two community cards will be placed in the centre of the table. The player must then decide whether to fold, or use the left (or right) card to play on with. If they choose to play on with the left card, a bet equal to the ante must be placed on that card. That card will then be added to one of the community cards (the one which gives you the best chance of winning). The player may then choose to hit or stand, depending on their cards. The objective of course, is to beat the dealer’s hand, without going over 21.

If you choose to play with the right card, a normal game of blackjack will ensue, with your two starting cards. In order to qualify, the dealer must have a hand of 13 or better. If the dealer does not, the bet is a push and ante bets are returned.

Players can also choose to place side-bets if they wish. Known as the 2-Up Side-bets, these must be placed before the game begins. Players can wager that they will have either a pair, or three of a kind in their hand.


All wins acquired by the player are paid out at even money. If the player is fortunate enough to have a placed a side-bet and it comes off, they will pocket winnings from a separate pay-table. This pay-table can see players win 3:1 for Any Pair, and 20:1 for a Three of a Kind.

Basic Strategy

Generally speaking, the side-bet is best avoided. Your chances of landing a Three of a Kind are not really that high, and in all honesty, you are going to lose more money placing side-bets before one comes off, than you are going to land winning with Any Pair, once in a while. If you’re feeling brave, you always have the option of placing bets on multiple hands!

Overall Experience & Final Thoughts

21 Duel Blackjack is a very enjoyable table game, as it really does offer something new to the blackjack arena. A lot of table games try to, but few have come up with as an enjoyable a blackjack variant as 21 Duel.


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