Tequila Poker

Tequila Poker

Tequila Poker doesn’t have a long and colourful history. The main reason for this is that it is one of the newest poker games to make an appearance in the casino gaming world. It isn’t exclusively reserved for online gamers, as it can be found in casinos in Las Vegas, as well as a couple of other locations in the world. The way the game is played is simple to grasp, and it has become quite a popular poker variant for many players, especially those playing in the online gaming world, where it produced by a number of top online casino software developers.


In order to start playing Tequila Poker, the player must make an ante bet. This ante bet must be equal to or greater than the minimum stake at the table. There are no side-bets to mess about with in Tequila Poker.

How to play Tequila Poker

After the ante bet has been made, players will be dealt four cards, face down. The player can then look at their cards. There are three options for the player to choose from. They can decide to make a High Tequila Bet, a Tequila Poker Bet, or they can choose to fold if they wish. There are circles on the betting table for the first two of these three options.

If the player decides to place either a High Tequila Bet or a Tequila Poker bet, they must place down a bet that is equal to original ante bet. Should a player decide to fold, then they will lose their ante bet. After the player has made their bet, they will receive two additional cards to add to their hand.

Their hand is then ready to be assessed.

Play Free

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Winning hands

Whether or not the player has won depends entirely on what kind of bet they have placed. If the player has chosen a High Tequila Bet, the cards in their hand will be added up, based on their numerical values. Face cards always count for 10 points, and an Ace is always worth 11 points. The sum of five highest cards will be taken, with the lowest valued card discarded. If the player has 46 or more points, then they will pocket even money for their ante bet. They will also pocket additional winnings from a High Tequila Bet pay-table, which is explained below.

Should they have decide to place a Tequila Poker Bet, then their hand will be scored by its poker hand ranking. Only the best five of the six cards will be used to form a winning poker hand, if there is one available. If the player has a pair of aces or more, they will win even money on their ante bet. They will also be entitled to a pay-out from the Tequila Poker Bet pay-table, based on the strength of their hand.

House Edge

Generally speaking, the house edge in most Tequila Poker games is around 4.21%. This makes it a moderately fair online casino table game for the player. This is only a rough approximation though, as some Tequila Poker games incorporate slightly different pay-outs and rules, which alters the house edge.


We have already mentioned that a player will pocket even money on their ante bet, if they have the required 46 points for a High Tequila Bet, or a Pair of Aces or better for a Tequila Poker Bet. They will also pick up additional winnings for their total points haul or final poker hand, from the High Tequila pay-table and the Tequila Poker pay-table, respectively.

A High Tequila Bet which sees the player land 46 to 48 points will see them pocket 1:1 pay-outs from the pay-table. A point’s haul of 49 will see players land 2:1 pay-outs, whilst having 50, 51, 52 or 53 points will see players land pay-outs of 3:1, 4:1, 7:1 and 15:1, respectively. Having a hand that is worth 54 points can see players win as much as 200:1, though this is rare, as you would be required to have 5 Aces in your hand.

The Tequila Poker pay-table will players scoop 1:1 for a Pair of Aces, in additional to their ante bet. They will also pocket 2:1 for a Two Pair, 3:1 for a Three of a Kind, 5:1 for a Straight and pay-outs of 7:1 for a Flush. Should a player be holding a Full House, they’ll net pay-outs of 8:1, whilst a Four of a Kind is worth 15:1. A Straight Flush is worth as much as a 50:1 pay-out, whilst the best pay-out of 200:1 is reserved for a Royal Flush. Like the 54 point hand, this is rare.

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