Marvel Roulette

Marvel Roulette

Marvel is involved in many online casino games, having signed a pretty special deal with Playtech. Many of Playtech biggest slots – including their biggest and brightest progressive jackpot slots – are all themed after the comic book superheroes that Marvel developed. But not content with just having online slots and scratch cards with the Marvel Brand, Playtech has also developed a Marvel roulette games, aptly named – Marvel Roulette. But what is this game all about, and how is it played? Here, we take a little look at the game.

The design of Marvel Roulette

Marvel Roulette isn’t visually that different from other roulette games. It features high-end graphics, of course, but the Marvel characters are somewhat limited to the background of the roulette wheel. Below the main reel is the betting board, where players can stake wagers on a whole manner of typical roulette bets. It will hardly escape your attention that above the roulette wheel though, there are the same four progressive jackpots that you can find in Playtech’s Marvel superhero themed video slots.

The actual game itself isn’t that different from roulette, except for two major differences. The aforementioned progressive jackpots, and the Marvel Bonus. American roulette contains two zeroes (a zero and a double zero), and European roulette contains just one. Marvel roulette also contains one zero, as well as a Marvel Bonus Spot.

The Marvel Bonus

If the player bets on the Marvel Bonus, and the ball lands on the Marvel Bonus spot, they will trigger a side-game. In this side-game, players will find themselves looking at a 3-reeled slot game. Players are given a total of three spins to win.

The reels contain 8 Marvel superheroes as icons. Match any three icons on the reels, and the player will win a massive pay-out.

The progressive jackpots

Winning a Marvel progressive jackpot is not going to be easy, but neither is it impossible. Just like the Marvel Bonus, the roulette wheel also contains a Marvel progressive jackpots spot. If the ball lands in that, then the player can win a Marvel progressive jackpot, depending on how much they happen to have wagered on that spin.

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How to bet

Players can choose place wagers in Marvel Roulette using all of the traditional roulette bets. The simplest outside bets include Reds, Odds and Evens. They contain a reasonable chance of success, but have low-paying odds. Highs and Lows are also simple outside bets, in that a player is wagering on whether the next number will be low (1-18) or high (19-36). You can also place column bets in Marvel Roulette, which involves wagering on a series of numbers in any particular column on the betting board.

Inside bets are harder to pull off. A straight bet is the most difficult to land, and it involves placing a bet on a specific number (or the Marvel Bonus in this game). Split wagers involve betting on two adjacent numbers on the betting board, and a street bet involves wagering on any of the 12 rows of 4 numbers for example 1-3, 4-6, etc. You can also wager on the first twelve (1-12) second twelve (13-24) or third twelve (25-36) numbers, and place corner bets (any four numbers that form a square) in Marvel Roulette.

Roulette is always a tricky game to learn how to play, but with the idea behind Playtech’s Marvel Roulette is that you’ll love the extra features so much, that you won’t mind taking your time to learn. Once you’ve learnt how Marvel Roulette works, it is a doddle!

Free Play Marvel Roulette Online:

Before entering real money play, try Marvel Roulette completely free. It’s the exact same version available at PlayTech casinos, so you’ll be the one to judge if it is worth it! Please allow up to 1 minute for the game to load properly!

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Additional features

A number of additional features have been designed for the Marvel Roulette game. One of these is the ability to save your favourite bets. You can save up to four favourite bets in the bottom right hand side of the game, so you can quickly place the bets that you want.

You can also keep track of what has been happening, by clicking on the stats button. This will show players all of the bets that have already made. Finally, a history button can reveal past play and how successfully the wheel was covered. It is available in the top right hand corner of the screen.


Red, Blacks, Odds and Evens typically pay out at 1:1 rates. High and Low bets also pay-out at this rate. Bets on the first, second or third twelve numbers result in pay-outs of 2:1. Generally speaking, columns pay out at 2:1 too, whilst lines and corners cough up 5:1 and 8:1, respectively. Streets and split bets are worth pay-outs of 11:1 and 17:1 respectively, whilst the big pay-outs are reserved for straight bets, which always pay at 35:1.

Where to play Marvel Roulette

There are many places that you can find Marvel Roulette online. Most of the time, any top online casino that is either powered by Playtech, or offers Playtech designed games will carry Marvel Roulette. However, if you cannot find it at those casinos there are other places to try, such as Omni Casino, or Fly Casino.

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