Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette for Free & Our Bonuses

mini rouletteNet Entertainment’s Mini Roulette is ideal for players who want to play roulette, but don’t have much time on their hands. It is also quite appealing to players who don’t truly grasp roulette, namely those who wish to learn. It is standard roulette, but with only a handful of numbers and bets to deal with.

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How to bet?

Mini Roulette was never going to be an expensive game to play, was it? You can choose chips that are worth 1.00, 5.00, 10.00 or 100.00 in total. Mini Roulette comes with table limits of 1.00 at its cheapest, and 500.00 at its most expensive. Move your chips onto the betting board (on the bet that you wish to make), and hit spin to begin.

How to play?

Once your bet is made, hit the spin button. An overhead view of the roulette wheel will show you exactly where the ball will land. If the ball lands in a pocket that is good for your bet, then you will win. Should it land in a pocket which isn’t, you will lose. There is only one zero in Mini Roulette, which means that it is based on European roulette. If the ball does land in this zero pocket, you will lose your bet.

Obviously, not all regular roulette bets can be placed in Mini Roulette. You can play inside bets consisting of straights splits, three-lines (streets), or corners (squares). Outside bets include columns, half-dozens, reds, blacks, odds and evens. There are only 12 numbers to bet on in this roulette game.


Should a player pull of an odd, even, red or black bet, they will win even money (1:1). Players will also pocket even money for any half-dozen bets that they acquire. Column bets are worth pay-outs of 2:1. The same pay-outs are also available for players landing corner bets. Street bets have a pay-out worth 3:1 in Mini Roulette, and split bets are worth 5:1. If the player lands a straight bet, that is to say that they guess the correct number directly, they will win 11:1 pay-outs.

Tips and Tricks

Mini Roulette is obviously going to be easier to win, than regular roulette. This is because there are far less numbers for you go awry on. However, to compensate for this, the developers have chosen to make the pay-outs considerably less. Actually, when you weigh it all up, the straight-up pay-outs of 11:1 for a 12 ball roulette game, is not different than 35:1 for a 36 ball roulette game.

Overall Experience & Final Thoughts

Mini Roulette is most appealing to players who are in a rush. They don’t have time to sit and think about each and every bet that they wish to make. Mini Roulette (containing less betting options), and is a simple, and yet time efficient alternative. As we’ve said, it is also ideal for beginners. Beginners can learn the ropes with this roulette game, before attempting to take on the more challenging, larger roulette games later on.

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