Yggdrasil Gaming Just Launched Wicked Circus Slot Machine

wicked circus slot logoI sure hope you are not scared of clowns, because the third installment of Yggdrasil’s Jokerizer series is here, Wicked Circus. This is another dark version of the beloved jester and his circus, like the Dark Joker Rizes, but a much more muted and mature version.

If the series were Batman movies, the Dark Joker Rizes would be Tim Burton’s Batman and Robin, and Wicked Circus would be Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. Both are dark, but the first is goth camp, whilst the last is the dark, gritty version. The reel symbols are essentially the same as the other titles of the series, but with its own gritty, mysterious air to it.

Yggdrasil Gaming may not be one of the industry’s giants, but this developer is no small indie operation. Yggdrasil’s product range isn’t just video slots and other online casino games; Yggdrasil also offers live studio lotto drawings, conventional and virtual scratch drawings, among other things.

One of Yggdrasil Gaming’s most successful video slot series is the Jokerizer series, containing the games Jokerizer, The Dark Joker Rizes, and Wicked Circus.

What We Love

One of the things I like the most about Wicked Circus is its visual design, especially the contrast between it and the style of the previous game in the series, The Dark Joker Rizes. The Dark Joker Rizes has a very over the top campy gothic style, full of superfluous flame decals (have you ever seen a lemon with flame patterns on it?), green flames, and so forth.

It is quite frankly the least appealing thing about that game. Wicked Circus, in contrast, has a much more sober look. It’s still dark, mind you, but a more mysterious dark than 80’s camp dark.

The biggest strength of this game is the same one of the rest of the series, the Jokerizer mode. This is a bonus game mode that’s activated simply by landing a winning combination on any pay line. Your win money becomes the Jokerizer balance, with which you will play the bonus game.

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Every spin in this mode is worth 20 coins, a relatively high price, but worth it considering that it’s more likely to get wins in this mode. The bonus mode ends in two ways: either you end it by hitting collect and settling with your wins, for now, or you play until you get a mystery win that is bigger than 600 coins.

Mystery wins are earned by landing joker scatter symbols, either 3 or more in regular play, or 2 or more in Jokerizer mode. In Jokerizer mode, you can also hold your jokers. This is a new feature in this game, where you can hold the jokers until the next spin, in order to get bigger combinations.

Another really cool thing about this game is the way its pay lines work. This game has only ten pay lines, 5 that pay from left to right, and 5 that pay from right to left. In practice, this game only has 5 pay lines, but they pay both ways. This really improves your chances of landing combinations, definitely offsetting the low number of pay lines.

What We Do Not Like

The game is pretty good, overall. However, we do have one minor gripe about it. This game’s visual design is simply a reinterpretation of the Jokerizer theme; all its reel symbols are basically the same, but tweaked. The actual tweaking is very good, but some more originality in reel symbol design would have been appreciated.

Worth Playing?

Certainly! The Jokerizer series is remarkable by adding an extra layer of complexity to the basic slot gameplay, something that is a very rare thing in this industry.

Wicked Circus’ hold feature adds yet another layer of complexity, making player’s decisions and plans much more complex and rich than the regular slot gameplay. Definitely worth a try.

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