Yggdrasil Gaming Just Launched Seasons Slot Machine

seasons-slot-logoThe Four Seasons, a series of four violin concertos, is Antonio Vivaldi’s most famous composition. This work was groundbreaking in its day, back in 1723, because it was accompanied by four sonnets.

These sonnets drove home the themes and feeling that the music was meant to transmit, feelings about the four seasons. This is what was later known as program music, music with an overarching theme. The Four Seasons have then featured in countless movies, tv series, video games, and so on.

High 5 Games has decided to bring The Four Seasons to a new realm: video slots. Hence, Vivaldi’s Seasons, a truly gorgeous 5×3 reel game with 40 pay lines. Each Season is represented by a portrait of a lady, a female personification of that Season.

Each portrait truly does transmit the feelings one usually associates with each season, and they do so while being absolutely gorgeous. High 5 Games drew heavy inspiration from its previous hit, Golden Goddess, whilst making this game. The two video slots have the same style, yet fortunately, Vivaldi’s Seasons does not come out looking like a copycat.

What We Love

The number one thing we love the most about this game is the artwork. The entire game is simply beautiful, something that is a true relief when compared with the seemingly endless horde of video slots featuring cartoon characters with crude animations and design.

As I said before, each portrait captures the essence of each season; Summer is fiery and passionate, Winter is cold and stern, Spring looks serene and careless, and Fall seems thoughtful and calm. The animations in this game are very good; lively yet not spastic.
seasons slot screenshot big

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The special feature which we love the most is its most prominent one, Super Stacks. The portraits of the Seasons and the Free Games symbols show up in large stacks on the reels during regular spins. This means that multiple combinations across pay lines are a common occurrence in Vivaldi’s Seasons.

After triggering free spin rounds (called Free Games in this game), one of the portraits will show up Super Stacked throughout the round, in a much higher frequency than in the regular game. This is clearly a great reason to be excited about landing Free Games symbols. The payout is very good, with a maximum of 10.000 credits per pay line.

What We Do Not Like

This game, as beautiful as it may be, feels a bit lacking. The Super Stacks special feature is certainly exciting, but this game definitely needed more, and more interesting, special features to truly feel like an amazing game. The only features it really has are Super Stacks, Bonus Rounds, and Wild symbols, all fairly common and pedestrian features in video slots nowadays.

As a matter of fact, if a game lacks either free spin rounds or wild symbols you can be certain you’ll see reviewers point that out in a big surprise. Perhaps, something like an actively changing pay scale, like the similarly named 4 Seasons (based on the Chinese zodiac, not Vivaldi’s work) could have certainly improved this game. Or maybe something else, like a minigame.

Worth Playing

This game is lacking in the special features department, without a doubt. However, for players with an interest in more conventional, less gimmicky games, Vivaldi’s Seasons can definitely be a worthy try. What it does good, without a doubt, is the overall theme.

High 5 Games took a simple theme, and made it into a beautiful thing, an artwork on its own, dare I say. The portraits are gorgeous, the music is well integrated, showing up just when the time is right. In short, if you’re interested in either a simple game, or a beautiful game, or maybe both, Vivaldi’s Seasons is definitely worth your time.

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