Playtech Just Launched Wacky Waters Slot Machine

wacky waters logoDoes the world really need another marine life themed video slot? Playtech certainly seemed to think that the answer to that question is “yes”, and thus they released Wacky Waters, a regretfully mediocre title that is almost exciting at times, but never fully delivers.

Whenever a game designer bakes a new game with a tried theme, like fish or leprechauns, they will try to give the old dead horse a little “spin”. With fish, it’s often fish tanks, fishing, and such. Wacky Waters’ spin is its supposed “wackiness”, and thus its character designs are meant to look whimsical and crazy. In my humble opinion, they don’t. They just look like cheap drawing that you’d find on a no-brand children’s coloring book.

Playtech, the people behind Wacky Waters, usually releases fantastic, high-quality games. However, even the best can fall a little short sometimes (as many disappointed women have reassured their partners throughout the centuries), and this game is evidence of this unavoidable truth.

Perhaps it’s something normal with a company as big as Playtech that some ideas will be less successful than others. Perhaps a beleaguered dev team had to fulfill a quota. Regardless, Playtech gave us this game, and we cannot untie the two of them, at least not for the moment.

What We Love

Let’s talk about the one thing I do like about Wacky Waters: its features. These are really fun, and they do almost save this game from abject mediocrity. Most features prominently feature Albert the blowfish, the game’s wild symbol and protagonist of sorts.

First, we have the Puffin’ Up feature. Whenever our prickly hero Albert the blowfish lands on the middle position of reel 3, he will puff up. As he deflates, he’ll leave other wild symbols all over the reels, at random. They can be up to six.

The Cash Crab feature is triggered by landing hermit crab scatter symbols. This feature takes the form of one of those (somehow very popular) pick and choose mini-games. You have to uncover rewards hidden beneath sea shells. The more scatters you land, the more picks you’ll get.

wacky waters slot screenshot big

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Albert’s Underwater Bonus is the most complex and fun special feature of Wacky Waters. You trigger it by landing 3 Anchor Bonus symbols, on reels 1, 3, and 5 (the even ones). This activates a mini-game where you must guide Albert the blowfish on a swim, collecting power ups like free games and multipliers. These power ups are used in the second half of the feature, the Free Games mode.

What We Do Not Like

First of all, the visual aspect of this game is simply too cheap and uninspiring. The designs are all in 2D, which isn’t necessarily bad in and of itself, but it shows the amount invested in this game. The sea critters here are meant to look fun and wacky, but they just look cheap.

The drawings couldn’t look more generic if the artist tried. As I said before, they look more like what you’d find on a cheap coloring book at a drugstore than designs from an actual software developer. It’s a very Clip-Art like style.

The most damning thing about this game is the very regrettable fact that the special features cannot be re-triggered. The best aspect of this game, its actual gameplay, is almost negated by this fact. Maybe it’s a way to curtail excessive player wins (we do have to remember that casinos are businesses, not charity establishments), but it’s detrimental nonetheless.

Worth Playing?

I’d have to say it isn’t. By all means try it out on demo or free play mode if you’re interested, but you’ll probably be better off taking your money elsewhere.

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