Wacky Waters


wacky waters logoThis game is yet another marine life (or as I like to call it: seafood) themed game. Trying to find a spin on fish seems to be a badge of honor among the iGaming development community, seeing the great number of fish, fish tank, sea, fishing and other related themes we see all the time.

The little spin of this game is its “wackiness”, so it features designs meant to look silly and whimsical, but they just look a bit on the shoddy side.

You may have to forgive me if I seem too harsh on this game, but this sort of title is too common, as well as its underlying design philosophy, which seems to be “let’s churn out a couple of quick-cheap games using our RNG and whatever reskin we can come up with”.


Playtech, the casino supplier behemoth, is the company behind Wacky Waters. Their games are usually very good. Regretfully, it’s obvious that when you’re that big you will have some misses among your hits, like Wacky Waters shows.

To give you an idea of Playtech’s size, their stock is traded in the London Stock Exchange Main Market, and they are the biggest company of its type (online casino suppliers) to be traded there. This is no mean feat, for any company in whatever industry.

How To Play it

This game is played just like the overwhelming majority (if not absolutely all) of video slot machines. On the lower right of the screen you will find the spin button, which you must hit to make the reels spin.

On the lower left of the screen, you can adjust your bet level. It is all very simple, and fairly intuitive, so you really shouldn’t have any issues with that.

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Special Features

This game has a very underwhelming theme, and it is almost redeemed by its special features. Regretfully, none of them can be re-triggered, making them very rare occurrences. This truly detracts from what could have been its redeeming quality. Anyhow, here are its special features, most of which feature Albert the blowfish, the game’s wild symbol:

Puffin’ Up turns Albert the blowfish into a multiplying wild whenever it lands on the middle position of reel 3. He will inflate, and deposit other wild symbols randomly around the reels as he deflates, between 2 and 6.

The Cash Crab bonus is activated by landing the Hermit crab scatter symbols. This triggers a picking mini-game, where you must uncover bonuses inside sea shells. The more scatters you land, the more picks you’ll get.

Albert’s Underwater Bonus is a complex mini-game/free spins combo. You trigger it by landing Anchor Bonus symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5. You’ll then enter a mini-game where you must guide Albert through a swim whilst collecting powerups, like free spins and multipliers.

These will be used in the second half of the feature, the actual Free Games round. If you haven’t triggered them before, you can activate the Puffin’ Up and Cash Crab features in this game mode.

Maximum Payouts

Landing a five of a kind combination of Albert the blowfish symbols will multiply your line bet by 3000x.


This a thoroughly underwhelming game, both visually and in gameplay. The fact that its somewhat exciting features cannot be re-triggered sucks the excitement out of them.

Its visual style looks more in line in a generic children’s coloring book, and any “wackiness” the characters may display is simply lost on me. I do recommend trying it on demo mode to judge for yourself, since tastes are a very personal thing.

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