Playtech Just Launched The Flintstones Slot Machine

The Flintstones slot logoNowadays, the most successful animated series worldwide is the Simpsons, but before the family from Springfield took the crown, the title holder was a different family, a prehistoric family from Bedrock. The Flintstones are actually 56 years old, if you can believe it. Although, its hardly surprising once you consider how many people have grown up watching that show.

The show only ran for six years originally, but then it spawned off several movie adaptations, revival cartoons, spin-offs, and crossovers with other Hannah-Barbera cartoons, keeping them in the world cultural consciousness for the half-century it has existed. Recently, WMS released a physical slot machine based on the Flintstones which proved to be very successful.

Playtech has recently announced that they are releasing an online slot machine this year based on the Flintstones, which looks like it will be fairly similar to its popular physical cousin in Vegas.

Playtech is a big developer of turnkey solutions for online casinos, founded back in 1999. They develop different games which are typical in online casinos, from slot machine to poker games.

They also provide online casino management software; their proprietary solution called IMS. Playtech boasts on their website to be “the world’s largest online gaming software supplier traded on the London Stock Exchange Main Market”, a very impressive fact considering that the LSE is one of the world’s largest stock exchanges (never mind that its such a specific category to lead in).

What We Love

This game looks like it will be very good. There’s not that much info out on it yet, but the little we’ve seen, it’s been fairly impressive. The release trailer shows that it will share two of the best features from the physical WMS slot, the bowling minigame and the scattering wilds during free spins. The bowling minigame, on the WMS slot machine, involves two steps.

First, you select a ball, which reveals the multiplier you’ll be getting for your bet at the moment you trigger the bonus. Then, you select a bowler (a selection of Barney and Fred in different outfits and poses), which determines your chance to “hit”. If you land a strike, you’ll get the multiplied bonus money.
The Flintstones slot screen big

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The second feature from the WMS slot machine is the Wild symbols during free spins. Fred and Barney, and Wilma using a little washing mastodon, will sprinkle the reels with wild symbols in long-ish but fun animations. The Playtech online slot does not appear to have the very exciting feature of the WMS one where the reels are stretched during free spins, though.

Another feature we like, one that shows up in all new Playtech games is the Turbo Mode button. This button saves you some seconds from win animations after very spin, which can translate to several mintutes if you play long sessions. This feature is certainly fantastic for players who aren’t so crazy about flashy animations every ten seconds or so, and the savvy, time-conscious player.

What We Do not like

Having so little information on this little gives us little to dislike about it. What we’ve seen so far looks good, and we are eager to play it. However, there are a couple of things that don’t sit full well with us.

The free spins mode here appears to lack the expanding reel of the WMS slot machine, something we would have really liked to enjoy online. The other thing is fairly minor. We fear that the Playtech slot will end up being simply a “budget” version of the WMS one. The graphics certainly look inferior to its physical cousin, and is appears to take too many a cue from it.

Worth Playing?

Still not enough info for us to give a definitive judgement, but this title seems like it will be worth trying upon release time.

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