Novomatic Just Launched Lava Loot Slot Machine

lava-loot logoNovomatic brings us Lava Loot, a fun, yet somewhat unexciting prehistoric slot machine. Its visual design is cartoonish and fun, featuring a couple of cavemen (a caveman and a cavewoman), dinosaur-like creatures, and volcanos.

The reel symbols feature these characters, plus the more traditional ones based on playing cards (10, J, Q, K &A). The entire theme is not very original, but it is definitely something that’s not played out, like cute animals, faux-Irish themes, or fish tanks.

The Novomatic Group is one of the world’s largest casino conglomerates. Founded in 1980, they have a finger in every pie in the industry, from software development for online casinos, to physical casino operations. They have a presence in over fifty countries, making them a true powerhouse of the gambling world.

What We Love

This game can be fun. Its gamble feature lets you go double or nothing on your winnings after a landing a winning combination, something that’s quite entertaining. You have to guess the color of a card, and if you guess correctly, you can keep going until you’ve guessed right five times in a row. This means your win can go up to thirty two times its original value. Sadly, you can’t gamble your wins on auto spin rounds, though.

Lava Loot has two “real” special features (gambling your wins isn’t unique to this slot, not by a long shot), Lava Loot Bonus and Big Wild Bonus. Lava Loot Bonus is this game’s name for free spin rounds. You get them in the regular manner, by getting bonus symbols on the reels.

lava loot screen big

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Every round has 10 free spins, and depending on the number of bonus symbols you got, you’ll get some money on top of that. During Lava Loot Bonus rounds, reels 2, 3, and 4 can get Loot Bonus Wild symbols, which can expand downwards on their reels. They will disappear after landing on the last row, though. Gambling your wins is also unavailable during free spin rounds, as in most games with this feature.

The second feature, Big Wild Bonus, is triggered at random during normal play. The three center reels, reels 2, 3, and 4, will be occupied by a single giant wild symbol. That clearly increases your chances on getting wins across many pay lines.

This game’s UI layout is also another thing we really like. It is much simpler than in most other games, since it is optimized for mobile touchscreens. The spin button is in a rectangle at the right-hand side of the screen; touch it to spin, hold it for Auto Spin. A menu button just above it lets you set your wager, and the number of pay lines you’re betting on.

What We Do Not Like

The game is fun, but it’s not fun enough. Its features aren’t all that innovative (to be polite), and its visual design, as fun as it is, comes across as cheap and cartoonish.

Lava Loot feels very, very uninspired, to be honest. Simply put, its saving graces simply don’t manage to pull it out completely from the uninteresting place its flaws keep it in. Even its Return to Player (95,03%) value can be comparatively low when compared to other, more fun options (a number of 98% titles come to mind).

Worth Playing

Lava Loot might be a great choice, assuming your options are limited. This game falls prey to the bedrock of free markets: competition. There are better games, with more exciting features, more appealing themes, better RTP, and better design aesthetics. I wouldn’t recommend not playing it, but I can’t really recommend playing it either.

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