NetEnt Just Launched Motorhead Slot Machine

motorhead slot machineFor all of those rockers out there with an inclination towards the use of online slot machines games NetEnt has developed the perfect way to buy us over. This prestigious company, with over 700 employees, is considered one of the best in the industry due to their incredible ability in knowing what we want and when we want it.

They have put together a trilogy of incredible rock musicians; they started with Guns ‘N Roses theme and after that with the god of the guitar Jimi Hendrix, is our pleasure to talk about their third piece in the puzzle which will be released later this year: Motorhead slot.

You know that motorhead has been one of the most famous rock/heavy metal bands out there, because the badness and power in the riffs and lyrics but also due to the great charisma of Lemmy, their singer and leader. Lemmy past away at the end of 2015 but he was known for three things outside music: Badness, drinking and betting. This is a good tribute to one of the most influential singers of the century.

What We Love

First and foremost; the band. This is a tribute for all the fans out there to have a good, solid and secure game while listening to their favorite band. We can only assume the colors and music, because NetEnt have not released the official soundtrack but we cannot wait until this happens.

The game will have the possibility of changing the music while you are playing, they will have up to 6 Motorhead songs, being Ace of Spades at the forefront of this proposal and confirmed by the management of NetEnt.

If they keep the structure of its predecessors we will have a blast in terms of playability. We will have lots of bonuses and free spins, the mystery would be the choice of symbols and if they are going to come up with some special feature for this title, besides what we have known for Guns and Hendrix.

motorhead slot

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What We Don’t Love

Assuming, which is not the best thing to do, they will respect the same structure as the previous titles we are not going to see tremendous interaction with the player, perhaps the classic, almost automatic way of playing slot machines with a simple button on the bottom of the screen.

Taking advantage of the bonuses and free spins but forgetting that a big part of this rock community loves other games with more interaction and special features made especially for them. Is not very common for them to play a passive game without much excitement in the environment.

Worth playing?

Even though it will probably lack of interaction the simple fact that they have taken in account the rock community with the choice of a massive band with a lot of followers is a sure win for the folks at NetEnt.

You will pay a tribute to the great Lemmy, who sadly past away last year, playing a slot machine while listening to his music. We are awaiting for the chance of knowing the final soundtrack, there are several good songs that can easily partner with Ace of Spades, which as a matter of fact, it is said that is going to be a symbol in the game. Smooth choice if it is true.

The atmosphere in the industry is continuously changing and we should endorse this choice of making a non mainstream band a part of big game. Others are going to innovate in the playability but this rockin vibe that NetEnt has sent with this trilogy is definitely worth the shot.

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