NetEnt Just Launched Jimi Hendrix Slot Machine

NETENT-jimmy-hendrix-slot-machine-300x155The second title on the NetEnt Rocks series is coming, very soon. Come April this year, the whole world will be able to enjoy Net Entertainment’s Jimi Hendrix virtual slot machine. There’s not much info nor promo material out there on this new title, at least not yet. Most of what we have is NetEnt’s reputation, and the very impressive precedent of January’s Guns’n Roses, the first title in the NetEnt Rocks series.

NetEnt Rocks is a very interesting project by Sweden-based developer, Net Entertainment. The idea is to secure licensing rights to legends of rock, and produce high-quality virtual slot machines branded with it. Guns’n Roses was the first title to be released in the series, back in January. Jimi Hendrix will be the second, due April. You can check the latest updates on the official fan site for this online slot.

The last one in the lineup will be Mötorhead, due to be released September this year. The plans so far are for a trilogy, but it wouldn’t surprise us to see more big names of rock letting their image rest of NetEnt’s hands in order to craft a great virtual slot machine. Only time will tell if NetEnt Rocks will only have those three shows.

What We Love

Jimi Hendrix. There, we said it. That’s the biggest selling point for us so far, given how little we do know about this upcoming game. We can only make educated guesses about how the actual game will be, based on the very successful experience of Guns’n Roses. That game offers amazing wild symbols that can cover entire reels, or form large figures across the reels, making you complete a large number of different combos you would have been unable to complete otherwise. It also offers random multipliers, to make your wins even larger.

Perhaps the most interesting features are two minigames: Bonus Wheel and Crowd Pleaser. When you get a number of bonus symbols, you can enter Bonus Wheel Mode, a roulette minigame where you can gain different rewards, like free spins. Land on the Crowd Pleaser symbol, however, and you’ll enter the Crowd Pleaser minigame.


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Here you have to pick different instruments, based on sounds you’ll hear. This is a game where you actually have some direct control over the outcome, instead of just hitting spin and praying for a win. A very welcome departure from the very traditional slot machine gameplay.

We do not know whether Jimi Hendrix (the slot) will have those features, it should be noted. However, we do think that we’ll see some of them show up here, along with some new unique features, hopefully.

What We Do Not Like

We do not have enough information to say if there’s anything we don’t like about this game, but we do have our fears about it. We hope that NetEnt Rocks will feature games with big enough differences between each other, in gameplay terms, to be considered different games. We would be very disappointed to see NetEnt Rocks turning out to be the same game reskinned with different bands, to cover larger potential player numbers from the different fanbases.

Guns’N Roses offers a great game to keep players hooked in, more than just offering a shiny license to lure people in. We hope, and have reasons to hope, that Jimi Hendrix will offer that same experience, with enough differentiation to be its own game.

Worth Playing

Even if this game ends up being a Hendrix reskin of the previous NetEnt Rocks title, it’ll still be worth giving it a shot. Guns’n Roses is a wildly successful game, so we have our hopes up for this one, and the upcoming Mötorhead title.

More than a lure for music fans, these games promise to be very good slot machines on their own right, and we will most certainly be giving both Hendrix and Mötorhead a spin once they’re released.

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