Microgaming Just Launched Bar Bar Black Sheep Slot Machine

bar bar black sheep logoBar Bar Black Sheep is the new version of the same game developed before by Microgaming. This reloaded version counts now with 5 reels instead of 3 as before and with 15 payline.

Microgaming, the pioneer company and the creator of the first online casino 21 years ago, brings us a friendly, charming and colorful farm in company with vegetables and fruits like watermelons, oranges, corn, eggfruits as symbols and the figure of our main character, a sympathetic black sheep – you will see that a black sheep will never be again seen as a bad luck icon, even in the industry that relies on luck.

This charming and delighted game provides us not only a well-designed layout and main screen but also a lot of special features like a lot of opportunities of winning and the chance of increase your bet to a high number. We will see that we do love and what we don’t in this game included in the huge portfolio of a company like Microgaming .

What We Love

The design is definitely one of the features that make me love the new version of Bar Bar Black Sheep. The colors are great and the symbols design is really nice and well-done too. The main screen and layout design is flawlessly adapted to a farm made with cartoons, which is pleasant and agreeable in my opinion. Perfectly-designed is the adjective that I’ve chosen for this online slot machine that you should definitely try.

The chances of winning are guaranteed. The game counts with bonuses, multipliers and a maximum jackpot of 95,000 coins. The option of winning 999 times your bet is really risky but fun indeed. I like the games that include a lot of opportunities with bonuses, wild symbols, etc, and Bar Bar Black Sheep bring that for me.

As you may see, these two pillars of Bar Bar Black Sheep make us love this game, because it is generally what you look for in an online slot machine: the design, the originality and the opportunities of winning through different ways like bonuses. These two pillars make an online slot machine almost perfect.

bar bar black sheep screenshot big

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What We Do Not Like

Probably, even this is a reloaded version; Microgaming could improve more with a totally different version or maybe develop another game with another theme and symbols. This company counts with a huge and complete portfolio that I’ve tried before with other games, and probably this isn’t their best creation. Certainly, Bar Bar Black Sheep is not a game out of this world, but I think that Microgaming guessed this time with this new version.

There are opportunities for winning, but they appear automatically in the game. Maybe this is kind of “lack of interaction” with the gamer could be boring after a while. Not in my case, but maybe for another risky and more outgoing players.

Worth Playing?

I would highly recommend this game for the new players, because it is really simple to play. You only have to press the spin button. You will not need any special skills, because the bonuses and the other symbols that can appear through the game will appear automatically if the odds are by your side that day! Perfect for the new gamers in my opinion.

Even though, if you aren’t a veteran player or you have certain experience, these chances of winning are something that you definitely have to try. Try this joyful and friendly black sheep and enjoy not only a funny game but also a well-designed slot machine and software. Microgaming is characterized for that. Check it out!

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