Bar Bar Black Sheep

Theme of the game

bar bar black sheep logoThere are several symbols that have been associated with luck in many societies throughout the world, there are a few that are for good luck and there others, such as the black sheep, that has been commonly been identified as a bad luck symbol and, in some cases, the one in the family that does not fulfill their expectations.

Microgaming intended to change this paradigm with their new release; Bar Bar Black Sheep. This online slot machine game is part of the extensive portfolio that this British company has developed over the past 20 years.

The conscious choice of colors for this design is delightful, it is perfectly coupled with some fruits and vegetables as the symbols of this 5X3 reel game, you could find the usual things that you will get in a farm like corn, oranges, eggfruits and watermelons. And our special character the black sheep. This, as you may know, is a new version of the same game developed one year ago by the company.


The responsible of this new online slot machine doesn’t need much presentation. The reputation of Microgaming speaks for itself. With a large portfolio, experience and knowledge in the industry, this British company founded in 1994 brings us in every creation quality, innovation and security. This company really deserves all their reputation. In this opportunity this prestigious enterprise brings us a game perfect for new players with a perfect design.

How to play it

Playing Bar Bar Blacksheep doesn’t need a lot of skills or experience. In the perfectly designed main screen you will find at the bottom all the buttons you will need for start to play and taste your luck.

The auto play and spin buttons are located at the right corner at the bottom of the main screen. The first step is click one of those buttons and the fun will start automatically.

Also, you will see at the bottom of the screen from left to right your credit balance, your bet balance and your win balance. It is a classical distribution of the necessary buttons.

You can earn free spins and you have the option of winning the 999x of your bet. All this action happens automatically and randomly by the combination of the different symbols.

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Special Features

As I said before this is the same game with several improvements. The first thing that is really good is the possibility to have several free spins with the scattered symbols, if you get three of them you could unlock 10 free spins rounds. This game also has several important multiplier combinations, if you, for example, have the combination of the black sheep logo and the Bar logo in a line on the first three reels is up to 999x your bet. Talking about massive earnings.

The game is thought to be easy. You just have to spin the button and wait for the luck to arrive. With incredible graphics, an excellent layout and superlative possibilities to earn money.

Maximum Payouts

95,000 coins is the maximum jackpot of Bar Bar Black Sheep game and the coins range comes from 0.01 to 2.00. This game has a high jackpot and also the chance of increase your bet in 999 times.


Bar Bar Black Sheep is a game especially designed for new players in the community. The game counts with an easy way of playing. The action happens automatically, but the game provides you certain chances to increase your money, like the free spin bonus or the opportunity of increasing your bet 999 times.

Remember all of this happens automatically, but in my opinion this is perfect if you don’t have a lot of experience or you are looking for a secure game. On the other hand, Bar Bar Black Sheep could be a little bit boring for experienced players. Microgaming has just added to their huge portfolio another game perfect for beginners, with a really friendly design and sympathetic symbols.

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