Lightning Box Games Just Launched Pixie Gold Slot Machine

pixie-gold-slot-logoLightning Box Games brings us Pixie Gold, a game that may seem odd and complicated at first, but it’s fairly straightforward once you get the hang of it. This fairy-themed game may look like it has eight reels at first sight, with reels 1, 2, 5 & 8 being 3 symbols high, and the four center reels being 4 symbols high. That is not the case, since the four middle columns are a single reel. Really, they’re just one reel.

If you get matching symbols on reels 1 and 2, another one anywhere on the 16 windows of the center reel will get you a 3 of a kind combination, but having more than one of the matching symbol in the giant reel won’t make it a 4, 5, or 6 of a kind combination, but rather multiple three of a kind combos. This giant center reel is called Reelfecta. Probably not the best name out there, but after enough wins, that is irrelevant.

The visuals in this game are fun and playful. The titular pixie appears on animations like the one triggering the game’s solitary free spin (it seems like too little, but that’s also slightly deceptive here), and the reel symbols include ladybugs, snails, acorns, and other foresty designs, along with the classical 9, 10, J, Q & K symbols, so prevalent in most slot games.

Lighting Box Games was founded in 2004, by mathematicians (as they claim in their corporate info). They emphasize their math expertise a lot, highlighting their “exciting math models” on which they base their game development. I’ve never been much of a fan of maths (beyond counting money, that is), so I’ll take their word about how exciting those models are. Pixie Gold is fun enough, so there has to be some truth to that statement.

What We Love

The Reelfecta makes it possible to land plenty of combinations, and it’s really simple to wrap your head around after a couple of spins (I recommend trying the free play option to get familiar with the game). That however, is not what we like the most about this game. Pixie Gold has, just like plenty of other games, a free spin feature, called Pixie Spin. Note how it’s “spin” and not “spins”.

Yes, this game only gives you a single free spin at a time, but fear not, it’s good. You get the Pixie Spin not by landing scatter symbols, like in most video slots, but by the alignment of a star-shaped cart pulled by a mouse with a star king symbol.

pixie gold slot screenshot

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Yes, I know that sounds like I’m on drugs. The little cart slides along the bottom of the screen, aligning itself with a different reel each time. If on that spin you land a special K symbol (just a regular K with a star background), you enter get a Pixie Spin. In Pixie Spin, a symbol is chosen at random, which will populate the Reelfect in great numbers; also, the second reel will have a Wild symbol.

This makes it possible to land large number of combinations during your solitary free spin. I told you it was good.

Pixie Gold is a low variance game, meaning that it will not feature long dry spells or anything like that. Solid, constant wins with this game. Its maximum payout is, just like this whole thing, can be deceptive. The jackpot size is only 2500 coins, but since you can set the coin value between 50p and 100 pounds, it means that the max payout possible is 250.000 pounds. Not a bad sum, in the slightest, but it requires a certain boldness to get to that level.

What We Do Not Like

This game has a few interesting takes on the traditional slot machine formula, but somehow we’re not finding exceptionally exciting. It’s good, but somehow we’re not feeling any magic. We do find that the music and sound effects can get exasperating after a while, but that’s not such a big problem.

Worth Playing?

To be brief, yes. It’s a different experience, yet very familiar. The game’s quirks are enough to keep you entertained, and the payouts are good. Even if the visual theme isn’t right up your alley (Who doesn’t love mouse-pulled carts, anyway?), it’s still a good idea to give this game a try.

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