Pixie Gold


pixie-gold-slot-logoLightning Box Games brings us a very peculiar game with Pixie Gold. Visually speaking, its theme is not that unconventional, but not quite conventional either. This game is about, well, fairies.

The reel symbols are full of foresty tiny things, like acorns, ladybugs, mushrooms, and snails. The fairy from the game’s icon (assuming you play on a personal device, like a phone or tablet) is the wild symbol. Other reel symbols include the typical and traditional 9, 10, J, Q & K.

The overall visuals play heavily on the whole “forest” theme, something very deeply tied with fairies in popular culture. The artwork is good, although it does feel childish and cartoonish. Not that big a deal, considering that conveying an image of playfulness is part of the purpose of many game’s visual design.


Lightning Box Games is a developer founded in 2004, acting as 3rd party game designers, creating games for different platforms, from traditional physical casino machines to mobile phones.

They pride themselves on being founded by mathematicians, and focusing on math; they highlight their “exciting math models” in their corporate communications, showing their scientific mentality towards game development.

Another point of pride in their corporate advertisements is their experience and knowledge with different regulatory frameworks, and their compliance of the aforementioned regulations. Lightning Box Games is truly a professional and reliable player in the industry.

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How To Play It

This game can be deceptive at first sight. When you first look at it, you’ll probably think that this game has eight reels. That would be wrong, because this game actually has only five reels.

The four middle columns, the 4×4 large square dead center, is actually a single reel. Lightning Box Games calls this Reelfecta. If you get two matching symbols on reels 1 and 2, you only need one more anywhere in the Reelfecta to get a 3-of-a-kind. Get more of the matching symbol in reel 3, however, and you’ll get several 3 of a kind combos, not a 4 of a kind or 5 of a kind.

This idea of a single reel with sixteen symbols may be hard to grasp at first, but once you get on the game you’ll get used to it fairly quick. You might even miss the versatility and generosity of this middle reel when playing other video slots. Other than the quirky center reel, the user interface in this game is quite conventional, with all the familiar UI elements typical of virtual slot machines at the bottom of the screen.

Special Features

Pixie Gold doesn’t just stand out thanks to its eccentric Reelfecta center reel, it also has interesting special features to differentiate it from your typical slot machine. The most notable of these is Pixie Spin, this game’s name for is solitary free spin.

It may not seem like much, but it pays plenty. This is how it works: At the bottom of the screen, just above the UI elements, there is a star-shaped cart being pulled by a mouse. This cart moves along, aligning itself with each reel. If this cart lines up with a reel containing a Star King symbol (a regular K symbol, but with a star-shaped background), we enter Pixie Spin.

In Pixie Spin, a symbol is chosen at random, and it will show up in greater numbers in the Reelfecta. Plus, the wild symbol will show up on reel 2. This all means that getting several winning combos in Pixie Spin is a regular occurrence, which more than compensates for it being a single free spin.

Maximum Payouts

This game’s jackpot is 2500 coins. That may not seem like much, but considering that coin values can be set between 50p and 100 pounds, the jackpot’s actual value ranges from 1250 pounds to 250000; a fairly respectable jackpot value.

This being a low variance game, it means that wins will keep on showing relatively regularly, making this game a solid choice.


Pixie Gold is a pretty game, that manages to give a fresh spin on traditional slot machine mechanics. Considering it is a low variance game, and it has a high maximum theoretical payout, it means that this game really does seem like it’s worth player’s time and money.

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