It’s survival of the fittest for Ash Gaming’s Jurassic Island slot

jurassic-islandMost of us have already played Microgaming’s Jurassic Park slot. That is surely the definitive dinosaur themed slot on the net, right? Well, not if Ash Gaming and Playtech have anything to say about it. With their new Jurassic Island slot, Ash Gaming (who are owned by Playtech) are trying to compete in a very tough genre.

The dinosaur genre is one of the most difficult genres for developers, purely because it means going against such a well-known franchise as Jurassic Park. So, how does the new Jurassic Island slot fare, in this battle where it is survival of the fittest?

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy for Ash Gaming, and they certainly don’t have everything their own way with the new Jurassic Island slot. The game has likeable features and that is most certainly a perk.

However, they also offer some rather simplistic graphics, little to no animation, and the look and feel of the menus and wagering system in the game is simply unmanageable and horrendous. Still it’s not all bad, right?

What we love

There are several likeable things about the Jurassic Island slot, and credit has to be given to Ash Gaming for being gutsy enough to take this theme on. They have actually done a rather impressive job with the special features in this game.

jurassic island slot screenshot big

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First, there are expanding wilds, with the caveat that they are only going to expand when they feature in winning combinations already. Then there are four bonus rounds. One of those is a click and win bonus.

It is pretty challenging, forcing players to shoot dinosaurs to win cash prizes. It is not small feat to do so. There are, however, better features.

There are three free spin bonuses in this game, and each offers up its own difficulty level (via variances). Players can win anything from 10 to 40 free spins with these features, and pocket multipliers, play with just the high paying symbols, or land stacked wilds on all of the reels of the game via the various bonuses.

What we do not like

The handling of the game isn’t brilliant, particularly for mobile users. More to the point, the design and structure of the wagering system are pretty rubbish.

The menu bar doesn’t fit at all with the theme of the game, and this is something we’ve come to see as standard in the online casino world over the last few years. Nobody told Ash Gaming/Playtech, it seems.

Whilst we understand that realism is never going to be at its high point with dinosaur themed slots, there have to be limits.

This slot has nicked the idea that Velociraptors were 8 feet tall from Jurassic Park, and it also contains giant apes and killer plants, making it more akin to King Kong or Journey to the Center of the Earth, than a true dinosaur island themed game.

Worth playing?

Ignoring the dodgy menus and systems, this is certainly an enjoyable slot. As we’ve said, it is certainly not easy to get involved in the dinosaur themed slot market. Few slots will be able to complete shoulder-to-shoulder with Jurassic Park, but Jurassic Island at least gives it a go.

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