Genesis Just Launched Machine Gun Unicorn Slot Machine

machine-gun-unicorn-slot-logoThe Machine Gun Unicorn video slot has a design with a silly-sounding theme but it’s a game from Genesis that is serious about giving out some good totals. This is a game that has been promoted as one of the most anticipated video slots in recent time thanks to its fun design and its simple arrangement that features an appealing two-way pay setup.

About the Game

This game has a design that features the title unicorn among many other special features around the game. The game entails zombies coming into the game with the unicorn looking to take out as many of them as possible.

This game uses ten lines and has a two-way payout system. This means that the game can pay right-to-left just like how it can pay from left to right. This in turn adds to the chances for a player to get a good payout when trying this game out. This game has a good tone that attractive for fans to play around with and deserves to be explored when finding something fun to check out but there’s a whole lot more; the special features on this game include ones that offer big payouts if there are more zombie symbols all around the screen to make it all the more exciting.

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Special Parts

This game has a few special features like stacked symbols that can take up an entire reel as well as some wild symbols that are typical of what any other online casino slot would have. This game goes one step further with some bonus features like the Symbol Bomb. This is where a series of the same symbol will appear all around a part of the screen. This is a special part that appears at random and will give the player more like symbols to add to the chances for that player to get a good win off of the game.

The zombie symbols will also be blown up when the Machine Gun Unicorn Attack symbol appears on the third reel. This in turn results in a big payout that will vary in value depending on the number of zombie symbols that were destroyed at this point.

How it Compares

It’s not all that easy to compare the Machine Gun Unicorn video slot with others games. It is so new and yet and game’s special features are radically different from what many people would expect out of a game. This is a thrilling choice for players who want to have some fun trying out an entertaining and appealing game that will stand out from what else is out there.

Where to Play

The Jackpot Paradise casino is a place that currently has the Machine Gun Unicorn video slot. This casino has an extended number of video slots and has a design with some big payouts for players to look for as well. These include special bonuses like $200 in free money off of one’s first deposit. This bonus can be used for many of the different video slots around the place as well as some additional.