Machine Gun Unicorn

Game Theme

machine-gun-unicorn-slot-logoThe concept of the Machine Gun Unicorn video slot from Genesis involves zombies invading a magical world of ponies. It’s up to a unicorn with a machine gun to take them out. This is clearly a silly-sounding game but players will begin to love it when they see all the many different ways for them to get some big payouts.

The game has an organization that features a cartoon-like design and features many ways for players to win huge. This is thanks to special features that can allow the same symbol to appear many times on one particular spot within the game. This in turn gives the player a huge way to win something big.

How to Play

To play the Machine Gun Unicorn video slot, the player must get three or more like symbols in a row on the ten lines here. This sounds like a small total of lines but it will also give the player a big way to win as that player can get payouts from right to left as well as left to right.

This can all be paired with a series of added wild symbols that will show up all around the screen at random. These include some cases where more than one of these wild symbols will appear on the same screen. A player can get a few good totals on this slot if played right so it’s good for players to see what they can get out of the game.

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Special Parts

The extended number of special features on the Machine Gun Unicorn slot makes it a popular choice among casino players. The game has a series of special wild symbols and a few that will trigger special attacks. Specifically, the Attack symbol can appear on the third reel at any time in the game.

When the Attack symbol appears, the player will get all the zombie symbols to blow up. This in turn results in a credit prize that will vary based on the number of symbols that appeared on the screen.

Meanwhile, there is also a Symbol Bomb feature that will come out onto the screen to replace zombies with similar symbols. This in turn will give the player more ways to win as the same symbol will appear around all parts of the playing field. This will vary in terms of when it occurs. Also, the two-way payout system on this slot makes it so there’s a good chance for a player to get a huge payout off of the game when this feature is used.

Maximum Payouts

The total payouts offered on this slot have not been fully revealed just yet but it is certain that players who try this slot out can get some of the best possible payouts around. A game can result in payouts of tens of thousands of coins thanks to the player having to chance to get right to left payouts alongside the traditional ones that people can already get all around the place. The payouts are also consistent around the entire game regardless of the total value of the bet being used; that is, the same ratio of coins is used during all of the different bets that are made regardless of their original values.


The whimsical and unique nature of the Machine Gun Unicorn video slot is a point that makes this game interesting and fun for players to try out. There’s a good chance for players to get some huge payouts off of this game thanks to how it pays in many ways while the symbol features will give players more ways to win. This will certainly make for an exciting video slot for people to check out as it comes out.

Where to Play

The Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise casinos are two places that have this game for people to check out. These two casinos have a number of great ways for players to win big through video slots, table games and video poker games alike. These casinos also have a few exciting bonuses including up to $200 on a player’s first deposit and ten free spins that can be used on many spins around the place. These two casinos can be tried when finding a way to have more fun and win big on different video slots.

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