Genesis Gaming releases the funky, groovy Live Jazz slot

live-jazzGenesis Gaming is on something of a roll this month, having launched their Live Jazz slot, and their Arizona Treasure slot. Both new games excel above anything the developer has yet produced, and both of them make welcome additions to the worldwide slot library.

Unlike Arizona Treasure, which contains a more generic Wild West theme, Genesis Gaming’s Live Jazz slot tries to take on something we haven’t seen too many times before – a jazz club theme. Now don’t misunderstand; we’ve seen jazz club themed slots before.

However, they are hardly what you could consider the meat and potatoes of the slot world. There have been a number of good jazz club themed slots released, and Genesis Gaming can certainly count their newest slot amongst them. There are many aspects of this slot which appeal, including the following…

What we love

As soon as you sit down to spin the reels of the Live Jazz slot, you will find its audio and graphics bang on the mark. Genesis Gaming hasn’t missed a beat with the theme of this slot. Its is very faithful, and pays homage to the classic jazz bars of the 50s perfectly.

live jazz slot screenshot big

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The slot is also eager to please, with a RTP rate of 97.5% coughing up the foodies rather frequently in the game.
This new video slot also dishes out a rather entertaining free spins bonus. You can get to grips with a free spins bonus that promises up to 25 free spins and up to 5 extra wilds on the reels.

Before you get to spin those reels, though, you can entertain yourself via an adrenaline pumping pick and win game – well, two to be precise. This will determine just what you start your bonus with, and from there on out everything is gravy.

What we do not like

As far as Genesis Gaming has advanced with their two newest slots, they still keep making the same old mistakes. Live Jazz is not designed to be played on tablets or smartphones, and that is a bit of a problem in a world where everybody loves playing on the go.

Moreover, they keep slapping gambling features into their games. Nobody is going to want to take a shot at gambling their winnings with a 50% chance of success or less. Nonetheless, Genesis Gaming keeps sticking them in there.

It’s certainly not a deal breaker by any means (since you are under no obligation to use it), but we can’t help but think that the space taken up with this rubbish would be better suited to another proper bonus round?

Worth playing?

If you want to try a slot with a theme that hasn’t been overproduced, and one which has a very entertaining feature, then Live Jazz could be for you. It’s not as groundbreaking as their fellow 5-line Arizona Treasure slot, but this slot is just as fresh in terms of graphics, payouts and wagers, and that will appeal to plenty of folks.

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