Check Out IGT’s Newest Creation Cleopatra Plus Slot

cleopatra-plusIf you’ve ever played Cleopatra, Mega Jackpots: Cleopatra, or Cleopatra II, you will already be well-versed in one of IGT’s most successful slot franchises.

Now, another new game is set to join the ranks in this Ancient Egyptian franchise, which the imminent launch of IGT’s new Cleopatra Plus video slot.

The game gets its name from the fact that it features IGT’s unique Level Up engine to boost your bonus wins. Cleopatra Plus is quite similar to the original game, although you might also argue that the “plus” in its title comes from the surplus of features which can be enjoyed in this game, and not the first game in the series.

We don’t know for certain when the new slot is going to be released, but we do know quite a lot about it. For starters, we know it is going to cost you at least 40p per spin, and that is because there are 40 paylines to play on.

We also know that if you love multipliers, free spins, stacked wilds, and instant win prizes, you are going to be in luck, because Cleopatra Plus is absolutely jam-packed with them.

What we love

Most of us have a fairly soft spot for the original Cleopatra title. Even though it was released many years ago, it is still one of the net’s most popular slots. The only way that slot could have been better was if it had more special features. That is exactly what the new Cleopatra Plus slot is capable of delivering to you.

cleopatra plus slot screenshot big

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One example of this the Heart of Aset bonus. Throughout the game, every pharaoh icon you find will be accumulated. When you have bagged so many of them, you’ll get to unlock maps which can see you win the aforementioned free spins, multipliers and cash prizes. There’s none of that in the original game.

What we do not like

If there is one area where IGT should perhaps have done better, it is in the graphical department. There is nothing really wrong with the quality of the graphics in the Cleopatra Plus slot, merely the types of symbols we see upon the reels. We’ve seen ankhs, Eye of Horus, lotus leaves, and the like reproduced time and time again.
There is nothing new in this.

Players may also struggle to play Cleopatra Plus, if they are operating on a shoestring budget, with the minimum bet fixed at 40p per spin. IGT has never been very flexible with its wagers. These are hardly major complaints, though.

Worth playing?

Given the success of its predecessors, there is every reason to believe that Cleopatra Plus is going to take the casino world by storm when IGT releases it. That’s not a promise, of course, but from everything we’ve seen, there is certainly no reason to think otherwise.

This slot is bigger, better, and more generous with its features than all of the others. If only it was progressive as well, then it would be the definitive Ancient Egyptian themed slot.

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