Yggdrasil Just Launched The Golden Fish Tank Slot Machine


golden-fish-tank-slot-logoYggdrasil Gaming released a large amount of games to the market, many of them are great titles with impressive themes an interesting special features, that is what I expected this game to be really good but I was bound to have an unpleasant surprise.

I do not understand why fish tanks are a recurring theme on video slot machines, I mean those are not very interesting, games are supposed to catch your attention and hook you up, why would you think some floating inert things would cause that effect? The design is really pretty, it’s the aspect of the game that the developers seemed to have focused on, but that alone does not make a good game.

What We Love

You will find some classic and very popular special features in Golden Fish Tank, the most important one being the Free Spins Bonus, let’s explain how it works.

There is a symbol whose purpose is to unlock this feature called free spin symbol, to do so you need to combine at least three of them on a spin, the minimum amount of free spins rounds you can win is six, that number increases with every extra free spin symbol you get combined, by getting four free spin symbols you will obtain eight free spins and four feature picks, getting 5 free spin symbols will grant you a total of 10 free spins and five five feature picks.


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Feature picks are a key element to the minigame included in this title, for every feature pick you win you will in turn get a reward by digging them out from the bottom of the pond, some of these rewards are extra free spins, random wilds, fixed wilds, multipliers on all wins, super stacked symbols and symbols that become wilds.

The developers did not set a limit to the amount of different feature picks that can take effect during free spin mode, this means you might get the chance to quadruple your original bet, and even bet a little more using the last special feature of this game called Golden Bet, which can increases the maximum wager from 20 coins to 25. The higher the original bet was the higher the proportion the bet is increased using Golden Bet, this means a 40 coin bet can go up to 50.

What We Do Not Love

This game does not count with an interesting theme, appealing special features nor mesmerizing jackpots. Those three things are what makes a video slot any good, I good bored playing this game really fast because it was not engaging.

Other titles by Yggdrasil Gaming have been far more interesting not only on the theme selection, but they added a more dynamic game-play to for example Incinerator and Nirvana than the one Golden Fish Tank presents.

Worth Playing?

I would only recommend this game to players who enjoy more traditional and nearly oversimplified slots, the theme of this game is boring from the start, there was not much the developers could do once they decided to use it to try and make it interesting from an aesthetics point of view.

If they had come up with a couple of additional features the result might have been different, even if the RTP is set at 96.8% you would have to play a lot times to get a big enough win to make it worth playing.

So no, don’t bother, there are many cool games out there you could spend your money one rather than this one, check for example other titles by this developer like Holmes and the Stolen Stones, or the above mentioned Incinerator; both of these titles are the exact opposite of Golden Fish Tank.