Yggdrasil Just Launched Nirvana Slot Machine

nirvana-slot-logoYggdrasil was inspired by the concept of nirvana, or being able to achieve inner peace in one’s life, to create the Nirvana video slot. This is a new game that has a great assortment of ways for players to win something huge.

In particular, this game twenty lines on its screen to create a better chance for players to win something great. A player can win more money by getting enough symbols that feature the special animals on them but there are many other ways for them to win too. You will certainly enjoyp laying this game when looking to find a big payout.

About the Game

The Nirvana video slot focuses on achieving as many like symbols in a row as possible. Specifically, it uses twenty lines on its five reels to give players a better shot at winning something huge.

You can play with this game to try and get a better payout by getting enough like symbols in a row. The animal symbols will give you hundreds of coins depending on what happens.

You can also bet a variety of amounts of money on each line. A bet can go from one cent to two dollars on each line to make it a high-paying choice depending on whatever comes about.

nirvana slot screnshot

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Special Parts

There are three particularly important features that can appear on a spin. First, the Wild Seeds feature will give players two to four additional wild symbols around the screen. This feature appears at random while the symbols will show up at multiple places around the slot.

The Mega Reel is a feature that appears at random and causes the three middle reels to become identical to one another. That is, they will have the same symbols all around to give you a better possible payout.

The Nudge Reel feature offers a setup where each spin will nudge reels around to move them up or down by a small bit. This will cause players to get a better possible win. There are also times when these can trigger free spins.

Speaking of which, there are some free spin symbols that will appear around the entire game at times. These symbols will pay out more money with a player possibly winning five free spins off of just one turn. This can result in a huge payout that players are guaranteed to love going after and getting after a while.

How it Compares

The random wild feature is relatively similar to what appears on the Razortooth video slot. This game doesn’t have any wild reels though although it does offer loads of symbols that can appear all around the entire place.

Best Place to Play

The Jackpot Paradise casino is the best place for players to check out the Nirvana video slot at. This is a casino that has hundreds of different video slots and some fun ways for all players to win as well. Players can especially get up to $200 in free money off of a first deposit thanks to the casino’s welcome bonus special that pays well to all.