Yggdrasil Gaming Just Launched Incinerator Slot Machine


incinerator-slot-logoYggdrasil Gaming has a new publication from the range of slots that has been recently presented, this time with a space and futuristic theme, the protagonist is a garbage incinerator, but this kind of garbage seems to be quite unusual, it is technological, devices that they seem brought the future.

If you love slot machines with abstract themes, then “Incinerator” bring into being a few hours of fun guaranteed through its 5 reels.

What We Love

The tense atmosphere is exciting, the design of this slot machine is amazing, have incorporated some of the favorite features of the fans of this type of game. The symbols appear to be fragments of a spaceship, which are thrown in the incinerator, if you manage to get a winning combination, automatically the incinerator burned the symbols involved.

The gameplay is amazing, you can spend hours spinning the reels without realizing what is happening around you, “Incinerator” is a very entertaining game that includes some interesting features such as a panel where the pattern in which appear the next Wilds shown, this it may not be very useful, but if the pattern displayed on a light comes on automatically if reappear in the pattern shown, other light will turn on and so on until a third light turn on.

This will automatically activate the special feature of the game, where the incinerator will burn absolutely all symbols that are in the panel, generating a lot of points and coins that result in money to your balance. The appearance of the wildcards is very common, this means that your victories are very straight and fast, which is why we can say that Incinerator is an effective machine to earn points and money. The combinations of symbols are defined by its 20 pay-lines, each symbol has its own value, and it makes the game more interesting.


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What We Do Not Like

Some of the Wild patterns can be difficult, Wild may appear in any row, but will use only if they appear in the pattern indicating the left panel. Appearance may be different but the concept is very similar to other slot machines published by other companies.

The game settings can be confusing for a player with little experience, the operation panel of the Wild pattern is good to some extent, but it can take all your attention and get them to neglect other factors involved in the game.

The theme is original but the concept itself seems to repeat some of the proposals that previously have been very successful in the world of slot.


Worth Playing?

The game is very entertaining, provides good opportunities to win and is equipped with nice graphics and excellent sound effects. The mixture of different features, has resulted in a rather stable slot machine that gives the player many opportunities to win big prizes.

In this slot machine you can go a little beyond a simple turn of reels, as this you have the possibility to create winning combinations during a single turn, the symbols that are burned, give space for the symbols found on them, fall and form new combinations that will give you the chance to win big money.

The symbol that generates the most profit is blue, if you manage to get a winning combination which is involved this symbol, you automatically earn a total of 200 coins, the winning combinations are often very straight, in Incinerator the main objective is get three wins in a row, so I can accomplish this by opting for the special game where the Wilds that will appear on the reels remain fixed and may generate even more profits for your balance.