Yggdrasil Gaming Just Launched Doubles Slot Machine

doubles-slot-logoIt’s clear upon viewing the Doubles video slot from Yggdrasil that it doesn’t have too much of a unique look to it. The game has an eighties-like look in terms of the polygon-designed classic slot symbols and the synth-based music featured all around the place. However, this game is designed to be more challenging thanks to how it has some entertaining features.

The symbols on this slot can be doubled. This in turn adds to the total amount of money that can be won off of the game. The game’s features are fun to try out and can really give players more ways to win but it’s easier to win big during the free spin round when the player has more control over what can be used when playing here.

About the Game

The symbols on the screen are typical ones that feature classic looks like cherries, lemons and stars. The game’s arrangement has a polygon-like look to it that is not too outstanding but it does have an appropriate retro look to it to make this game more fun.

The game uses 243 ways for players to win and has a number of arrangements that can entail getting more symbols on the screen regardless of the lines that are used. The payouts will not be any better when two or more like winning symbols are on the same reel; the game was designed to be different without this feature in mind.

The coins can be adjusted from one cent to two dollars each. There are 25 coins to be used on each spin so the player can get up to $50 to spend on each individual spin here.

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Special Parts

The most important part of this game comes from the double symbols that will appear around the place. What happens here is that a player will get two of the same symbol on a single part of the slot. This means that if a player gets three symbols in a winning spin with one of them being a double symbol, that player will get four winning symbols on that spin, thus adding to the payout coming out of the game.

The game also has an arrangement where three free spin symbols can be found on the screen. By getting all of these, the player can get ten free spins. In addition, one symbol can be chosen to make every instance of it a double symbol. This in turn makes it easier for a player to possibly get more money on each of the ten free spins within the game.

How it Compares

This could be compared with most other video slots that are designed with stacked or doubled symbols. The doubled symbol part of the Doubles slot is clearly designed to be more intense than what is found on these other slots though.

Where to Play

The Doubles slot can be found at the Jackpot Paradise online casino. This place has dozens of games from Yggdrasil and other slot companies and offers some attractive classic games to go with them. There is also a special welcome bonus of up to $200 available for players to get on their first deposits within the game.