Yggdrasil ensures that Super Heroes keeps us guessing

super heroes slot logoYggdrasil is in the midst of a fast moving conveyor belt of new slots this autumn. Since the end of summer, we’ve seen countless titles roll out from the online casino software provider.

Generally speaking, they have been pretty eager to showcase their upcoming titles, but that doesn’t appear to be the case with their latest offering, Super Heroes.

The Scandinavian online casino software provider is being deliberately vague on what Super Heroes will offer, and even when we’ll get to try out its super powers.

We can honestly admit to knowing next to nothing about the new release – apart from a few bits and pieces which we have managed to muster together. Seriously, getting information on this new slot is like trying to get blood from a stone. Here’s what we know so far about Super Heroes.

What we love

It is certainly no mere coincidence that Yggdrasil has decided to develop a superhero themed game. Playtech has lost their license to the Marvel franchise, and DC are doing business with Microgaming, NextGen Gaming, and seemingly everybody else. Why shouldn’t Yggdrasil join the fray?

They aren’t going to bore you with Batman, or make you fall asleep with Superman, though. They have developed a selection of superheroes of their own to showcase.

super heroes slot screenshot big

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Amongst some of the new features this slot will contain are six special bonuses including extra free spins, random wilds, multipliers, and several other forms of substitute symbols. It all looks very promising, and everything points to the game heavily featuring wilds and free spins to bag wins.

In fact, there is even a feature which will rearrange the symbols so that players are guaranteed a win. That’s nice, right?

What we do not like

To be perfectly honest, until Yggdrasil gives us something solid, there isn’t too much not to like. We are not fans of Yggdrasil’s behind closed doors take on this new slot.

There, we found something. In all honesty, though, until we get a bit more than a 30-second preview introducing the superheroes themselves, there isn’t too much to gripe about.

Worth playing?

Your guess is as good as ours, really. We’ve tried to research and get information about this slot, but it’s like pulling teeth. Painful. Given the secrecy behind the slot, we can only hope that Yggdrasil has developed something majestic. There has to be something worth all this secrecy.

If Yggdrasil developers good on this, then we must be looking at one cracking little slot. If Yggdrasil’s latest slot flops (and several have done so recently), most players are going to be furious and asking just why Yggdrasil have tried to keep things under wraps.

Until we get a better look at it, though, we cannot say either way. At this moment in time we’re intrigued and are itching to see more.

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