The Happy Halloween Slot is Here for the Holiday

happy-halloween-slot-logoHalloween is coming up very soon and the Happy Halloween video slot form Play N Go has come out to various online casinos just in time. This is a new video slot that has many ways for players to get some huge payouts. It can make for an entertaining game for players to look for, especially at this time of the year when the Halloween holiday is coming just around the corner.

About the Game

This game clearly has a Halloween theme to it and features a number of symbols like special treats and scary monsters. The game also has an extended number of ways to win as it features fifty lines on five reels with four rows on each line. The game has numerous winning features to make it attractive but the player will need to be persistent when playing this game.

A player can bet on as many of these lines as one wants and can also spend multiple coins on each line. The coin value can be adjusted and can be rather high depending on what the player chooses to go after.

This game has numerous special symbols that will appear around the place including numerous wild and scatter symbols. You can get additional ways to win and even go for the biggest payouts in the game measuring with 5 figures.


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Special Parts

The game is a slot that has wild symbols and scatter symbols that will give out free spins. This will give players more ways for people to win big in order to have a huge payout for use at this place.

An important part of the Happy Halloween slot is that it features a multiplier that will offer larger ways for players to win big. This game offers you to get 2x or even 3x multiplier, making your payouts double or even triple, this will vary depending on how many scatter symbols you manage to get.

Wilds usually appear on every line, but it’s much less complicated to find them on 4th and 5th reels. They will still be useful for all symbols with the exception of the scatter symbols that may come about during a spin.

How it Compares

This game can be compared with many other holiday-themed slots. The game has many different attractive symbols that are reflective of the holiday and includes plenty of charming accents. The best part of the game is that it allows players to have a better shot at some huge payouts depending on what can come about when playing here.

Where to Play

The Jackpot Paradise online casino is a good choice to consider when finding places to play with the Happy Halloween slot at. The Jackpot Paradise casino has numerous different video slots and other classic casino games that all players will enjoy trying out. There are also a few special welcome bonuses available at this place including a bonus of up to $200 that will be given out on one’s first deposit on the site.