The Guns N Roses Video Slot Brings Excitement and Action

guns-n-roses-slot-logoGuns N Roses has been a noteworthy rock band over the years and continues to be influential to the genre to this day. Today Netent has been influenced by the band itself in offering a new video slot for players to check out at their favorite online casinos. The Guns N Roses video slot is a thrilling new game that has several ways for players to get some big payouts. Fans of the band will love playing this game but practically anyone who has an interest in video slots will certainly enjoy playing with this game and having more fun when doing so, what with there being so many prizes for player to go after here.

About the Game

This GNR video slot features an arrangement that includes many symbols reflective of the band’s history. These include symbols that feature icons from album covers, music videos and much more. It all comes with a soundtrack featuring some of the band’s many greatest hits. This is an appealing slot that has numerous ways for players to win big and can certainly be a thrill to everyone.

There are many ways for players to win on this game with a number of them including special ways through the different symbols that appear all around the place. There are many traditional ways for players to win here but the game also has some special symbols that are very interesting for players to go after and will certainly be thrilling for people to look for.

Guns n Roses Slot

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Special Parts

The game has wild symbols that appear all around the screen although it is typically easier for players to get these symbols around the later parts of the screen. The chances that a player has in order to win here will be great for players to check out and deserve to be seen.

The scatter symbols on this game are also important. The scatter symbols will pay out huge to all players as a player can easily get free spins when three or more of these symbols appear on the screen. These free spins can give players some great payouts, thus making this game all the more exciting for players to try out.

How it Compares

It’s tough to really compare the Guns N Roses video slot to other games simply for how the game has a good variety of ways for players to win something big. People who enjoy video slots can certainly try out the Guns N Roses video slot and compare it with other choices to get an idea of what is available for use out here.

Where to Play

The Guns N Roses video slot is available at the Jackpot Paradise online casino. This is a great online casino that has a number of video slots and other special features that will give players many ways to get something huge. This online casino also has a $200 welcome bonus available for players to get on their first deposits on the site, thus making for a popular choice among those looking to play something new and thrilling.