Rival Just Launched Frogged Slot Machine

frogged-slot-logoOh the 80’s! The movies, the horrible fashion, the rock and the arcade. Most of us were at least alive at the 80’s, and you might recall a cute game called Frogger, if you don’t there is a slight opportunity that you aren’t old enough to play this game.

If you have not heard of it let me teach you some history, before the internet we stand together in this huge arcades with games like Pacman and help this fellow frog to return home, avoiding the alligators and cars.

Well, the folks at Rival released a slots buster with a similar name called Frogged. This 5 reel 20 payline game has the same theme and colors of a once popular arcade video game.

It has a very good layout, they even let the pixely part of some characters to be wrapped in a 80’s vibe (the good part of that decade) and they let this vibrant and cheerful frog to be our stellar guest in a game full of dynamism and joy.

What We Love

The dynamism is a bold -yet amazing move, Mr. Frog stands out from the bunch. You reminisce the time you were playing with your friends and asking your dad for some $ to play a naive game. Even the symbols contrast perfectly with the concept of the game.

There is one thing that has to be in every single online slot machine game; the free spins bonus rounds, We all love to play for free and is as simple as hitting 3 or more froggy symbols (Mr.Frog) and he will be transported to River Rapids, beware of snakes and alligators, even with the turtles and logs.

This vintage game comes out and if you find a sticky symbol you’ll get one re-spin. Sticky wilds for the win! The fact that they include the old and classic (what hipster call vintage) game is a huge win for the game.

frogged slot screenshot

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What We Don’t Love

This is definitely a game that isn’t made for high rollers, they forgot a huge part in this business. We like to make money. You have an interval of bet from 0.01 to 0.25, with 20 paylines you will have the freewill to decide how much you are going to put on stake, with a total of 2 dollars and you can win up to 2500 dollars per pay line is not the way to attract the high spenders of this market.

There aren’t many free spins in the bonus rounds, even though they find a really good way to get them there aren’t as much as you would like. Letting you a little disappointed of the low gain.

Worth Playing?

Definitely, the last release that the people at Rival is really good, specially for low and medium spenders. Perhaps this is a “low risk” that would match perfectly with the newcomers in the world of Slots.

But, for the high rollers is something they would not enjoy as much as the rest of us. Perhaps a better jackpot would have changed the panorama for this type of players.

The sole fact that they brought to life a classic, which I must confess I am a huge fan, is an incredible news for those who were in the 80’s making the line to play this game.

They made a step forward towards the idea of dynamizing the slots and for the players that not only play this for the rush and the money, is a huge add-on. I’m truly glad, this is indeed a game that you need to play.

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