Play’n Go Just Launched The Samba Carnival Slot Machine


samba carnival slot loogEquipped with 5 reels and 15 paylines, comes “Samba Carnival“, one of the new publications of Play’n Go, full of great surprises and some special features that you already know. This game is full of joy and fun, this ensures many hours of fun, you can enjoy this and many more new publications at “Jackpot Paradise” and “Vegas Paradise” casinos. The appearance of this slot includes an atmosphere of celebration and partying, elements that characterize the Rio Carnival, which is known worldwide.

This game includes some multiplier symbols that can change the value of your winnings, if you get a winning combination involving some symbols in “Maracas” that will give you the chance of increasing the value of the prize you get when you hit a winning line. The gameplay of “Samba Carnival” is very simple, the game controls are very basic and you have the ability to set the number of lines that you want to enable and the range that you want to assign to the value of a single coin on each bet.

What We Love

The chances of getting a winning combination in this slot are very spacious, there are various special symbols that can help you to complete a winning line. The game features 15 paylines that can be changed in a range of 1-15, this give the players the possibility to increase or decrease the value of their bets. The special characters are very colorful and can be quickly identified in the panel game. The symbol of the “Congas” appear in 3 different colors, this gives you a total of 9 chances of getting a bonus combination with this symbol to activate the free spins.

Every time we play a slot with free spins we have the ability to win many prizes without risking our balance, on this game there is a great chance of getting the jackpot on each bet, you can win more than 5,000 coins on a single spin of the reels if you can combine correctly the Wild symbols with multipliers.


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During the free spins you can also generate combinations with these symbols multipliers, which represents a great advantage in your favor, because the appearance frequency of these symbols is very high, you can get some winning lines quickly and easily.

The configuration is very simple, you can play with the traditional way of 5×3 reels, with a variety of symbols as wilds, multipliers, bonuses and conventional symbols which you will find quite beautiful, some “Garotas” are part of these symbols, there are 3 garotas variations that can be distinguished by the color of their costume. Other symbols have been included as some tropical fruits, this slot has a very colorful and well designed look.

What We Do Not Like

Samba Carnival is a game that has a lot of variety of symbols, this can be a bit confusing at first, the game colors are quite striking and can be quite bothersome to look after several hours of play on this machine.

Worth Playing?

The gameplay is very good, it is a very simple theme full of surprises all the time, each of the bets that you make gives you the opportunity to get a lot of awards, you can generate combinations of multiplying elements. The bets can generate huge profits that have an RTP of over 95%. This is a slot that you can enjoy from any mobile device of your choice as tablets or phones.

Play’n Go gives you multiple options to enjoy their available slots for a variety of operating systems such as Android, Windows Mobile and iOS. We recommend playing “Samba Carnival” at “Jackpot Paradise” and “Vegas Paradise” casinos, there you can be assured of having a stable and reliable platform.

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