Play’n Go Just Launched Sails of Gold Slot Machine

sails of gold slot logoPlay’n GO brings us a new slot where we immerse ourselves in the travels of Christopher Columbus, the mariner in the service of the Spanish crown that brought the first substantial contact between Europeans and the Americas through his voyages.

Well, this slot isn’t that new. Sails of Gold is a rework of an older Novomatic game, Columbus deluxe. Some people go as far as calling it a total clone, but I believe that Play’n GO’s efforts to dress up the game’s visual design with nicer graphics and better touches ought to be recognized at the very least.

Play’n GO is an iGaming development company with a very curious and relatable history. They claim to have started as a group of “computer nerds” that got tired of doing consulting work for big firms, and decided to set up shop apart and start making their own products, instead of simply being paid to advise in software development.

They claim to have been the first to start making games for mobile, but this claim is also being made by a (not very small) number of other iGaming developers.

Regardless, Play’n GO does develop games optimized for mobile, and Sails of Gold is no exception. Play’n GO’s current portfolio boasts 91 games, and they have 57 employees on staff at time of writing.

What We Love

Play’n GO really did a great job improving on the looks of Columbus deluxe. The Novomatic version is still quite recognizable, but the updated designs and the new details really do put this game a step above its predecessor/inspiration/original version.

Sails of Gold’s greatest selling point is undoubtedly its Free Spins mode. Like in many older games, it is triggered by landing three bonus symbols (in this case, ships) on reels 1, 3, and 5. This gets you ten free spins.

sails of gold slot screen big

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During the free spins mode, ship symbols become wild symbols, greatly improving your chances of landing a big win. Ship symbols will continue to award free spins while serving as wilds, as long as they land in the same configuration as needed to trigger free spins (reels 1, 3 and 5). They will award 10 extra free spins.

Sails of Gold also has a very fun feature, which is very becoming more and more common nowadays, the gamble feature. After a win, you can choose to go double or nothing with your win money, by playing a guessing game. Guess the color of a playing card being drawn, and double your money. Guess incorrectly, and lose your money. That’s how double or nothing works, as you may know.

What We Do Not Like

This game may look nice, but it stops impressing once you get in on the action. Having only ten pay lines, when most games nowadays have 20 and upwards, greatly limits this game. Its special features are quite frankly mundane, as entertaining as they may be. Having features that can be found pretty much everywhere else does very little to set this game apart from the rest.

A big disappointment is just how similar this game is to Novomatic’s version. A retitle and a few tweaks to its packaging (great tweaks, to be entirely honest), and off to be uploaded.

I understand the need to maintain a number of releases every certain time drives developers to publish low effort titles from time to time, but this doesn’t make it any less disappointing to find yourself playing one of those “quicky” titles.

Worth Playing?

Quite frankly, I wouldn’t bother with this game. It is a pretty remaster of an older game, and one that hasn’t particularly aged all that well either.

I’d recommend skipping it, or maybe trying it first on demo play to make your own judgement (and save yourself some money if you don’t like it).

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