Play’n Go Just Launched Golden Caravan Slot Machine

golden caravan slot logoThe globalization nowadays is something that we can’t scape from, the technological advances and the Internet have narrowed the world. In terms of proximity and communications, we live in a very interconnected world.

Is really common to find a case where you purchase something online from another part of the world or perhaps the same media lets me know how this other culture is. If a breakthrough happens in China or in France, the people in Kenya and Sweden know this at the moment.

Back in the XIV century it was a different story, the cultural gap between cultures and countries were humongous, everyone was developing their own things without making commerce or technological exchange with the other powers besides their neighbors.

This was until Marco Polo stepped into the game, this Venetian merchant traveller was the author of The Travels of Marco Polo, a book that introduced Europeans to Central Asia and China, and vice versa.

This impressive story is the base of the newest Play N’ Go online slot machined called Golden Caravan. In this 5 reels, 10 pay lines you will see in the background some camels traveling in the desert due to one of many Marco Polo’s adventures in his travels far east.

The symbols are the perfect match for this concept you have the normal 10, J, Q, K and A with the addition of the oasis, a treasure chest, gold coins and the caravan master. The scenery is magnified by a breathtaking night sky with the light of the moon illuminating the path of our travelers.

What We Love

The free spins with multipliers feature is incredible. We all love free spins, imagine the fact that you’re able to gain in a considerably manner tons of free spins. But not only that, these free spins will multiply your earnings by two.

I know what you’re thinking this is quite a feature but I’ll improve the feature even more, if you get any three camels during the feature the count of free spins will reset. So, if you’re lucky enough you could get large numbers of free spins with a considerable multiplier. It starts with 10 free spins. I loved it.

golden caravan slot big screen

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This free spins feature is the core of the game and it has several advantages that we could mention complementing the idea of why we love this feature so much. While you’re in this feature all of the camels count as a wild symbol, which obviously will increase your chances of winning.

If you reset the free spins counter (remember is set at 10) you’ll earn a +1x multiplier. Theoretically speaking, there is no reason to think there is a limit in the number of resets you could earn so the sky’s the limit. You could get from the 500x possible earnings at the beginning a lot of more with the adding multipliers, and if you’re extremely lucky the earnings could be immense.

What We Don’t Love

Even though it has a fantastic feature it lacks a little bit the interaction between the player and the game. Is a very solid game, with great features and earnings. But the trends shows a type of player that love interactive games.

Worth Playing?

Without a doubt. All of the slots must have three things basically. First it must have an impressive layout, animation or visual graphics, this game passes this test with outstanding grade. Secondly. great playability, this game counts with a very good feature that it will be extremely good for the plupart of players.

And last but not least it must have good earnings and with the multipliers associated to the free spins they will have that. I really loved this game, even though it won’t be the adrenaline junkies’ favorite. But I feel it compensates the lack of interaction with a solid feature.

This game is only available on the mobile platforms which increases the joy, you could play it in every part with internet access. Enjoy it!

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