Play’N Go Just Launched Cloud Quest Slot Machine

Play’N Go new soon-to-be-released title, Cloud Quest, takes you to a beautiful world full of magic and adventure. This game’s design eschews the traditional 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A symbols, relying instead on symbols designed specifically for the game, such as potions, wands, spell books, magic stones, warriors and sorcerers.

A truly refreshing change of scenery that is well complimented by the combination of several features from the developer’s previous titles, put together for the first time in Cloud Quest, creating a well balanced game that is not like any other option on the market, this is on of the best titles I have seen from this developer.

Play’N Go’s spirit of originality, which traces back to its roots as an outfit of geek friends trying their hand at video game development in the mid-90’s, is alive and well in this title. Play’N Go has a long tradition of quality releases, making it worthy of the Mobile Product of the Year Award in February 2015 at that year’s International Gaming Awards, probably the industry’s most prestigious awards.

Cloud Quest slot screenshot

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What We Love

What sets Cloud Quest apart the most from other slot games is the fact that it successfully blends in RPG elements into the play experience. At first glance, one might be tempted to think this is another slot game with a whimsical fantasy skin, but Cloud Quest gives you a character to level up by defeating enemies during free spin rounds.

You unlock free spin rounds by combining three or more scatter symbols. At each free spin round, you will face three different challengers, whom you defeat by getting combinations on the reels; the more combinations you get, the better odds for victory. Each fight grants you experience and items which can be used in future fights to increase your chances of winning.

The other special feature which subverts regular slots gameplay in Cloud Quest is the wild symbol. Wild symbols are a staple of the slots world; letting players get a symbol they are missing to improve combinations on the reels. However, wild symbols in Cloud Quest don’t quite work like that. Every time a player gets a combination, the symbols in that combo will magically disappear, leaving only the one in the middle, which will be transformed into a golden wild that can be used with any other symbol on that spin.

What We Do Not Like

Cloud Quest’s features are incredibly good. However, including more player interaction in the RPG elements of the game would have made this title a much more engaging experience. The only other observation to be made is the fact that Play’N Go has yet to make public this game’s maximum payout, which we are confident they’ll do in the next coming weeks.

Worth Playing?

If you enjoyed playing Play’N Go’s previous titles Energoons and Nordic Heroes, the games where most of Cloud Quest’s features come from, this game is definitely for you. If you haven’t tried out their games and you’re looking for a new title to enjoy, I’d recommend trying this game.

Cloud Quest’s RPG elements make it a much more engaging experience than most slots titles, and give it an enormous replay value. There is a new trend in video slots and it involves making the monotone gameplay more compelling, this is one of the first titles of its kind and that is why I would recommend players that are bored of finding always the same dynamics in slots to try titles like this ones that brings a lot of new ideas.

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