Play’N Go Just Launched Super Flip Slot Machine


The Super Flip video slot is a new slot that has a basic appearance to it based on how it works and the types of symbols that are included. However, the Super Flip game is different in that a player can get reels to move around on the screen.

The game features plenty of unique arrangements dedicated to providing players with better ways to win big. A player can try to go after some tougher symbols on the game by getting the arrangement on the slot moved around to feature different reels all around the screen, thus making it easier for a player to win more money.

superflip slot screenshot

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About the Game

The Super Flip game features a design where a player can bet from one to five coins on a spin. These coins will go from one cent to one dollar in value each. The game also uses twenty lines on five reels to create the best possible arrangement.

The game uses a number of traditional symbols including many classic card symbols and diamonds. The wild symbols around the game are especially important as they can appear on many spots around the game. They can also appear in stacked forms to where reels can cover an entire screen in some of the best possible cases.

What Makes It Different

A big part of the game comes from the bonus game feature. The game offers a system where the symbols on the screen are flipped from one reel to another. In particular, the harder to reach symbols on the end of the slot can be moved to the earlier spots on the screen. This in turn allows the player to have an easier chance with winning on some of the hardest to get symbols.

The game especially lets players try to get more money over time. What’s even better is that a second chance re-spin is included in this game. This offers a potential for players to win more money as the first two reels may be filled with the same symbols but no wins occur. This will allow a re-spin to take place to allow the player to get a guaranteed win.

A player who gets into the bonus game will get fifteen free spins. This ensures that the player will have a better chance to get some of the best possible payouts throughout the entire game, thus offering a better shot at winning big.

How It Compares

This game has a unique setup that allows a player to go after some challenging bets. A player can try out the game to go after some of the toughest combinations around and will feature a setup that allows players to go after the best combinations. This comes especially from how well a player can go after some real challenging combinations.

Where to Play

The Jackpot Paradise online casino is the best place for people to visit when looking to try out the Super Flip online slot game. This casino offers this game among many other popular video slots. It also has a welcome bonus of up to $200 on one’s first deposit within the site.