New Slot From Yggdrasil Gaming : Vikings Go Wild

Players who are interested in finding ways to win more money off of video slots are flocking to the Vikings Go Wild video slot. This is a new game from Yggdrasil Gaming and features a classic Viking theme that the group is hoping will become very popular with online slot players who want to try and win big.

This is a video slot that has a number of the standard features that people have come to expect out of traditional video slots. The game especially gives players a chance to win big off of many wins on multiple lines; this is especially the case when the sticky wild feature on the game is put into consideration.

Vikings go Wild slot screenshot

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About the Game

This game is based on a Viking theme. In particular, it uses a number of different Viking-related symbols like precious coins, actual Vikings themselves and the ships that they use among other features. The game offers plenty of wild symbols and scatter symbols as well with many of them offering the chance to win free spins.

The game also has twenty-five pay lines for players to win off of. All pay lines will pay out from left to right and will give players a variety of payouts. The largest base payout is 250 times one’s initial bet although there is a potential for players to win more if they can get multiple winning lines on the same spin.

What Makes It Special?

One noteworthy part of the game is that it offers a special feature where Viking symbols that appear during the free spin round will become sticky wilds. That is, they will stick on the screen and will stay on until the free spins end. This means that the wild symbols will stick on the screen for an extended period of time and could give a player even more throughout the game.

Treasure chests can also be found around the game. These treasure chests can give players p to twelve free spins. These chests can appear during either the standard or free spin parts of the game as well. These chests will provide players with a better chance to win more money and are among the most popular features for players to go after while playing around.

How This Game Compares With Others

This game is not far too different from other video slots that Yggdrasil has been making. However, the game is designed with a theme that will certainly attract players on a variety of online casinos. Yggdrasil is looking to make this game all the more popular with players who are interested in trying to compete and win on this appealing slot.

Best Casino For Playing It

People who are looking to play with the Vikings Go Wild slot are recommended to try out the Jackpot Paradise casino . This is a casino that offers a number of different video slots and other traditional table games for people to play with. It also has a 100% match bonus of up to $200 in value for all new players to use. This is a popular place that will become very appealing to those looking to win big.