New Slot From MicroGaming: Titans of the Sun Hyperion

The new Titans of the Sun Hyperion video slot is a new game being introduced by Microgaming to all those who are interested in trying their hand at winning big on an online slot. This is a game that is heavily inspired by Greek mythology and features a majestic design that includes many gods and other symbols. The game in particular is especially being promoted by MicroGaming as an option that offers a way for players to win big and get more money off of a variety of spins.

About the Game

This is a game that features five reels and three rows. It also comes with a fully display that often shows full-screen images. The game requires players to match symbols but it also offers a few special features like the ability to get reel-length wild symbols and free spins. The features around the game can get people to possibly win thousands of dollars off of just a single spin.

Titans of the sun hyperion screenshot

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What Makes It Different?

The game is not too different from other games that are available right now. In particular, the game has all the basic wild and scatter features that other slots have.

However, one point about the game that makes it noteworthy is that it has a high variance. This means that it has slightly better odds than many other similar games. Therefore, there is a real potential for players to win more money on this slot. The chances that places have on this game are important to explore when looking for ways to win big and be more competitive on this slot.

Also, there are times when existing symbols can turn into brand new ones while playing. This works on a random basis and gives players a real chance to win more money by playing the slot. However, this is extremely varied just like many other features found on this game.

How the Game Compares With Others

The game is being compared with the Titans of the Sun Theia game, another game that is being released by MicroGaming at the same time. These two games are practically identical with each other in that they both have similar themes and ways to win big. Microgaming is planning on releasing additional slots in this series so there is always a real potential for these two games to become the launching pads for some big trends in video slot gaming.

One point is still for certain that there is a real chance for players to get more money off of these slots when they play for a while. These are games that offer many ways for people to win and can certainly add up after a while.

Best Casino For Playing

Players who are looking for the Titans of the Sun Hyperion slot are encouraged to check out the Jackpot Paradise casino . This is a place that currently offers a number of video slots and table games with this new option being among one of the many things that the place adds on a regular basis. This casino also offers a welcome bonus of up to $200 on one’s initial bonus with the site.