New Slot From MicroGaming: Lucky Zodiac

Many different video slots have been heavily inspired by Chinese culture and the symbols attached to it. The Lucky Zodiac slot from MicroGaming is yet another example of such a game that has been inspired by it. While this slot does not have anything that is out of the ordinary, it is still a game that will be very attractive and interesting to all those who are looking to hit it big. The game is being introduced in many different online casinos and is being targeted to all those who love playing video poker games.

lucky zodiac slot machine

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About This Game

The Lucky Zodiac slot is a game that features five reels and twenty lines. The game was heavily inspired by the Chinese zodiac calendar and the many animals that each individual year represents. The game has a traditional arrangement and plenty of symbols that are symbolic of Chinese culture. These include lanterns, lotus flowers and other popular symbols that are reflective of what those in China are interested in.

The game offers plenty of ways to win including some wild symbols that are found all around the slot. These include symbols that can appear at different parts of the casino game. These symbols can even fill up the entire screen at times, thus giving players some of the largest payouts that can be worth tens of thousands of dollars in the best cases.

There are also free spins for people to win on this game as well. The free spin feature at this casino game works with a series of firecrackers that can go off to let a player know that the free spins are ready. A player can get ten or more free spins in this game. These free spins can even be retriggered in some of the best cases.

What Makes It Different

There is not really much of anything that is revelatory or unique to this slot. It features a simple series of basic symbols that are found all around the slot and offer a number of ways for people to win big and get the most off of this slot. Players are still encouraged by Microgaming to keep playing the game and see what they can get.

How It Compares

This game is similar to many other video slots that MicroGaming has in that it has an easy to use interact and a sensible design that is visually appealing. It offers many different symbols and various ways for players to win. Players who want to try and win more money off of a slot can consider trying this option when looking to win big. Expect the game to be promoted heavily alongside other new games that Microgaming is planning on introducing in the near future.

Where To Play

People who are interested in playing the Lucky Zodiac video slot are strongly encouraged to try the Jackpot Paradise casino . This is an online casino that offers a number of special games including an extensive variety of MicroGaming slots. The site also has a welcome bonus of up to $200 in value to all new players who make a deposit on the site.