NetEnt Just Launched Golden Marbes Slot Machine

golden marblesNetent has introduced a new video slot called the Golden Marbes game. This video slot is considered to be a slight evolution from the original Marbles scratch card that the company introduced a while back. The game has a good appearance that features some marbles all around the place that will add to the challenge of winning and makes for a good total that players are certainly going to love playing with.


About the Game

This is a basic video slot that focuses on players looking to get as many marble-relates symbols in a row as possible. There are many colors of marbles to look for but the key is for a player to possibly get more like symbols in a row to possibly get a huge win.

The biggest key on this game is to win by getting enough golden marbles in this game, hence the name of the slot. These marbles will pay out more as they will not appear as often as what other symbols on this game feature.

The game comes with many great symbols to go with these classic ones. These include many symbols that feature some special payouts with some scatter and wild symbols being available throughout the entire place.

golden marbles

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Special Parts

The wild symbols on this game will certainly give players more payouts. This especially works wonders when a player ends up getting three or more wild symbols around the screen or on a particular line. The chances that players have to win big on this slot will certainly make for a great challenge that players will love to check out. This in turn offers a great chance for players to win something huge that they are bound to love going after.

The scatter symbols can also give players some free spins here and there. These include chances to get into special bonus games that involve choosing golden marbles. This in turn can result in some great payouts.

The scatter symbols will appear around the place all throughout the entire game. The player does not have to actually wait to get these symbols to appear on a particular line in order to actually get something off of this game, thus making it a popular choice that players are certainly going to have more fun with.

How it Compares

This game compares more with the Marbles scratch card that Netent released a while ago. This scratch card game, like the new Golden Marbles video slot, places a strong emphasis on valuable marbles with the golden ones clearly being worth the most above all else. The chances that players have to win big on this spin make it a popular option.

Where to Play

To play with this game, visit the Jackpot Paradise video casino. This place has many popular games including some attractive choices that feature big free spin and wild payouts alike. The Jackpot Paradise casino also has a special bonus where a player can get up to $200 in free money on a first deposit plus ten free spins for use on many slots at this place.