NetEnt Just Launched Aloha Cluster Pays Slot Machine

aloha-cluster-pays-slot-logoNet Entertainment, one of the biggest names in the industries, brings us Aloha Cluster Pays, a title inspired on Hawaiian culture bristling with colorful designs and exuberant animations, which combined with its amazing special features, will have you hooked on this game for hours on end.

The developers have brought together a number of ideas from their previous titles that gave them great popularity, and combined them with a number of new original ideas for this title, giving Aloha Cluster Pays both an air of familiarity and a touch of innovation.

What We Love

What is probably this game’s greatest feature is not an original concept, but it is taken from previous Net Entertainment releases, such as Dracula. This special feature is all about re-spins: when you get a winning combination on the first three reels, they will be locked tight while the other reels start spinning, one at a time. This will happen until there are no more reels that can be re-spun. This can help you reap plenty of profits.

Obviously, taking old features and applying a new skin and themes isn’t enough to make a game, and the folks at Net Entertainment know that; that’s why they combined the locked-winners mechanic we described above with a pretty nifty free re-spin mode that you can access through scatter symbols. The number of free spins you get is determined by the amount of scatter symbols in your combination. This can go up as high as 12 free spins.

Aloha Cluster Pays screensho bigger

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However, that’s not the only new feature that Net Entertainment packed in Aloha Cluster Pays, a feature called Cluster Pays. During free spin mode, whenever you get a combination with a low value symbol, all of the same symbols on the other reels will be dropped, in a cool-looking animation. This dropping of low-value symbols gives you better chances of landing combinations with high-value symbols on future spins.

Another fairly interesting thing about this game is the possibility of huge jackpot winnings. Although Aloha Cluster Pays uses no payline, its jackpot payout is set at 100,000 coins. By setting your wager at one dollar per coin on the bottom side of the screen, this game can land you with 100,000 dollars, considerably more than what you can get with most games on the market.

What We Do Not Love

This is very robust game, with few flaws, if any. The only thing that might make it better is the lack of player involvement; all you can do is spin the reels. However, all of Aloha Cluster Pays’ special features and compelling design easily compensate that small detail.

Worth Playing?

There’s a reason why the online casino community gets filled with anticipation whenever Net Entertainment announces a new release, and Aloha Cluster Pays is a great example of it. They have built a great game, grounded on great features that work together in full complement. The Cluster Play feature builds upon features from Net Entertainment’s previous titles, making them work brilliantly. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this feature to become one of their standards on future titles by Net-Ent.

When Net Entertainment announces they are going to release a new game the online casino community cannot wait to play it, in this case they came up with a great combination of features that complement each other perfectly. The Cluster Play special feature really adds a lot to ideas that were used in other Net-Ent games, so much in fact I expect it to become very common on future releases by this developer.

Although Aloha Cluster Pays doesn’t have the most interesting theme, or the most original one, its design elements, both in layout and animations, make up for any lack of thematic inspiration.

If you’re looking for a game with great design, good return to player value, and nifty features, this is a game I’d strongly recommend. It is available on Vegas Paradise, Jackpot Paradise, and Cloud Casino.